Psycho's Whey Accelerate System

Psycho's Whey Accelerate System


    The Most ‘Psycho’ Mad-Good Offer On The Entire Internet - For Anyone Crazy About Building Muscle!

    Yes - just £4.95 for a limited time! Read on, and discover why we believe this is a GAME-CHANGER when it comes to building the physique you really want!


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The Most ‘Psycho’ Mad-Good Offer On The Entire Internet - For Anyone Crazy About Building Muscle!

Yes - just £4.95 for a limited time! Read on, and discover why we believe this is a GAME-CHANGER when it comes to building the physique you really want!


 The muscle building game is about to change FOREVER!

Turn your damn phone off, shut down Facebook, tune out of YouTube and LISTEN to what I’m about to reveal – because this could the most important muscle-building breakthrough you ever discover.

You see, if you want to build outlandish muscle – whey protein isn’t enough!

There I’ve said it!

I’m sure I’ve pissed off a few people in the industry with that. But so be it. We don’t care. Sure, we’ll get some haters for this. But we don’t give a monkeys. Here at PsychoProtein, we’re just mad about building muscle and don’t give two ** about what everyone else thinks…

But I’m getting off track.

Back to this serious muscle-building breakthrough…

You see, as good as our ‘Psycho Whey Protein’ is for building muscle and helping to lay waste to fat…there’s more you can do IF you want to build the body of your dreams.

Such as?

Well for the last 12 months, we’ve been working on a Muscle Accelerator formula for anyone looking to hit SERIOUS muscle and physique mass whilst trimming fat.

In short – we wanted to develop an ‘add-on’ EXTRA supplement that would go perfectly with our Psycho’s 100% Whey Protein – which would help accelerate the whole muscle-building process. This ‘accelerator’ would effectively super-charge the whey you take…creating a kind of double-whammy effect.

In short, it would make even our own Whey much more powerful when it comes to building muscle and cutting fat!

Take a look at this picture:


You can see our whey protein in the big bag – then ten smaller bags.

These ‘smaller bags’ contain what we call Psycho Muscle Accelerator Shot. Think of a powerful ‘shot’ that makes for more potent muscle-building, giving your body a powerful extra edge when it comes to creating outlandish muscle…

In short, this is the perfect ‘add-on’ supplement that goes along with our whey protein – making for more strength, more gains, and more muscle.

How does it work then?

It’s simple: these Psycho Muscle Accelerator Shots contain three powerful ‘add-on’ ingredients that are designed to super-charge the results you get from our whey protein.

Use just our Whey on its own, and you can expect to help yourself to more muscle, power and strength. But use our whey along with these Psycho Muscle Accelerator Shots – and WATCH OUT!

Chances are you’re going to be needing some new clothes. Chances are, people are going to be wondering what on earth you’re ‘on’!

Why are our Muscle Accelerator Shots so powerful?

They contain three legendary ingredients – all fused together into one powerful SHOT that goes down easy, and starts ‘going to town’ on every muscle in your body.

What are these powerful ingredients and how can they help?

Firstly: we’ve added Psycho’s Absorbable 200 Mesh Creatine to the mix. This highly-absorbable form of creatine gets MONSTER good reviews – just take a look on our website and you'll see for yourself.

We insist on the highest-quality, from a World-leading, vetted manufacturer. To give you the most powerful form of creatine we’ve ever come across…and we load this right into the shot as only the FIRST ingredient.

You’ve heard of creatine, I’m sure.

It’s arguable THE most proven supplement out there for stacking up GAINS (at last count…there were OVER 600 scientific studies on how effective it is!).

And our Psycho stuff is mad-good. We only use 200-mesh – the most absorbable kind. And it comes in from one of the World’s leading manufacturers. You can be very sure you’re getting some of the best creatine out there.

Our customers rave about it!

But this is only the FIRST part of the Muscle Accelerator Shot. You also get Psycho’s Anabolic Leucine added to the mix…

In case you don’t know: Leucine is reckoned to be possibly the MOST ANABOLIC (legal!) ingredient out there. In short, it’s the BIG DADDY ‘amino acid’ when it comes to building muscle. Nothing else you’re likely to buy ‘off the shelf’ will likely have as much potential to help you build muscle…as Leucine.


There’s still more…

But the High-Grade Psycho 200-Mesh Creatine AND the Anabolic Leucine are NOT the only ingredients in each Psycho Shot…

AND you get our additional BCAA – Branched Chain Amino Acids – in there too. These BCAAs are known as the building blocks of muscle…and if anything can help you grow – it’s these!

 And one final thing…

In with the shot, you also get a helping of Maltodextrin – basically, a fast-acting carbohydrate. Why is this in then? To help DRIVE the damn ingredients into your muscle – shooting the nutrients right in there.

There is no escape!

The muscle has no option but to start absorbing, taking up and USING these powerful ingredients – to help YOU get the results you really want.


This is a KILLER combo – everything you need to build quality slabs of muscle…all in one shot.

But combine it with our whey protein too – and WATCH OUT!

Shirts are likely to rip, arms are likely to blow up like balloons, and good times will be had by ALL!

Because yes…you don’t just get these shots. You get our Psycho’s Instant Whey Protein too. This whey on its own is a powerful ‘growth engine’ for creating the body you want – but when you combine it with the Muscle Accelerator shots, you better watch out.

Alright, I’ve told you about the shots – but what about your core, foundational Psycho’s 100% ‘Fresh-From-The-Dairy’ Whey Protein?

Well, as part of this muscle-building package we’ve put together today as a special deal – you also get our finest Psycho’s 100% ‘Fresh-From-The-Dairy’ Whey Protein. This is COMBINED with your ‘shots’.

So now, let me tell you more about our Psycho Whey which also comes as part of this package…

A little background about our Psycho’s Whey: Whey is produced all over the World, from America to Australasia, but in our opinion – Europe is about the best place to get high quality whey.

Here at, we ‘scoured’ the best dairy companies in Europe…’hunting’ (Psycho-Style) in three of Europe’s top whey producing nations…and settled on one particular company to have our whey produced for us. They are long-established. With an outstanding track-record, and with a huge financial backing – meaning they don’t cut corners like some other whey producers.

They produce the best quality whey we could find.

How it’s made: it’s a long, expensive process to get this high-level, ‘loaded with goodness’ Psycho Whey which you're learning about today...

Firstly, we take a HIGH-QUALITY raw ingredient – sweet cheese whey.

This 'raw ingredient' isn’t cheap stuff. We use top quality sweet cheese whey as the 'raw ingredient' to make our whey. No corners cut again. The sweet cheese whey that's used to make our protein powder is already loaded with high quality amino acids, proteins and 'growth factors' that are ready to give you outlandish, psycho-like results.

OK, so with the raw materials ready, our manufacturers then move onto the next step...

High technology ULTRA-FILTRATION...

We then use a high-technology process called ultra-filtration. This isn’t ordinary filtration. Our manufacturer gets right down to the molecular level…using a specific temperature and hydrostatic pressure gradient…which precisely filters out all the redundant  (cr*p) stuff, leaving us with the purest protein (which gets YOU the best possible results.) which is frankly LOADED with growth factors and amino acids to give you the results you want.

We take out the crap…and give you the muscle-building and body-transforming MEAT!

The ultra-filtrated protein is then converted into powdered form – making it easy for you to digest, handle and store.

PURE ‘Fresh-From-The-Dairy’ 100% Whey…absolutely NOTHING added!

All this World-class manufacturing ensures the whey product we are giving you comes out as PURE as possible.

The result is a PURE Whey Protein Concentrate – and this is 100% Whey – with absolutely nothing added! You get a whopping 24g of pure protein per 30 gram serving – that’s a full 80% protein content. Of pure Whey. Nothing else!

This is NOT a blend – be clear on THIS!

Many other online protein sellers are selling protein BLENDS! This is when a company BLENDS their whey protein with other proteins, such as vegetable proteins. The reason? It costs THEM less!

Not so here!


Nothing else! No added this or added that. ZERO other proteins - EXCEPT WHEY!

Fact is, it takes a massive 35KG of sweet cheese whey to actually produce just 1KG of Psycho Protein Whey Protein Concentrate! Such is the purity of protein and concentration we insist on – and it’s worth it to get this highly-concentrated protein that can transform your body and let you wreak havoc in the gym.

(Even though we go through 35KG of sweet cheese whey just to get you 1KG of Psycho’s 100% Pure Whey Protein Concentrate…we believe it’s worth it to get this highly-absorbable and pure level of protein with high-levels of muscle-building nutrients).

Here’s a quick ‘diagram’ to show you a rough-outline of how our Psycho’s Whey is made – from start to finished product. Take a look…



The result: a seriously high-quality whey protein, absolutely LOADED with quality ‘amino acids’ and GROWTH FACTORS that will help you build serious muscle, and lose the fat!

Yes, our whey is chocked-to-over-loading with TOP QUALITY AMINO ACIDS.

In case you’re unaware, ‘amino acids’ are where the rubber meets the road when it comes to your training. People only take whey because of the amino acids it contains. And our Psycho Whey is LOADED with these potent growth-hormone amino acids…containing everything you need to start packing on muscle.

And one further important point…

Finally – there are NO ‘nasty additives’ in Psycho’s 100% Whey.

You might have seen some high-street proteins which are loaded with ‘carbs’ – or, even worse – sugar! Others add other inferior proteins as well as the whey. Just so you know…

This is pure 100% Whey Protein Concentrate – the ONLY thing we add is the ‘instantising’ agent to make it mix more easily.

 (Please note that for flavoured options then obviously there is the addition of the flavour!).

We don’t bulk-out our protein with other rubbish. So let’s wrap this up: Psycho’s Best 100% Whey is one of the best proteins on the market, full stop.

 But combined with the Psycho’s Muscle Accelerator Shots – and you’ve got something VERY special indeed IF you want to get in the best shape of your life!

Here’s everything you get:


Now, here’s the really great thing…

You see, here at PsychoProtein we are known for our mad-good quality and crazy prices.

But today – we are going truly CRAZY! You see…

We’ve come up with an absolutely crazy offer for you as a new customer!

You see, as a new customer special deal, we’re going to make you a MAD-GOOD special offer! This is easily the BEST and most-crazy offer we’ve ever made!

Just £4.95 (plus shipping and handling) for the WHOLE package!

That’s a great deal – 500g of Psycho’s 100% ‘Fresh-From-The-Dairy’ Whey PLUS your 10 Muscle Accelerator Shots for ONLY £4.95. That’s what you call a ‘mad-good’ bargain!

Why are we doing this?

Really simple. Bluntly: It’s a bribe – a bribe to get you to try us out, to see why we’re better than the rest of the pack! The only reason we’re making you this special offer is so that we can show you what we can do – so you too will become a ‘Psycho-Believer’ who becomes a long-time customer!

Once you try this, we believe you’ll love this stuff. You’ll be getting REAL results and you’ll never want to go back to your ‘old and boring protein powder’ EVER AGAIN.

That’s why we’re doing this.

So grab this offer whilst it’s open.

And it gets better!

Order within the next 48 hours and we’ll throw in a FREE PsychoProtein shaker too!

PLUS an additional Shot Bottle to mix your muscle accelerator shots!

Here’s what to do now to take advantage:

Simply choose your flavours from the drop-down box above. As this is a true ‘Special Offer’ we only use two flavours for this ‘deal’…we are ALREADY losing a packet by offering this deal. So please realise why we can only offer TWO flavours compared to our usual six…

Do not hang about though. This offer will NOT be open forever. It’s a bit of an experiment on our behalf, to see how things go, and how people like it.

So try it today whilst this offer lasts. Choose your flavour from the drop-down box above…and checkout TODAY!