Psycho's Ultimate Gorilla T (Testo Support)

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Psycho's Ultimate Gorilla T (Testo Support)

    The Ultimate 'Testo' Support supplement...Psycho style!

    If you want to support 'T-levels' naturally...boost your 'alpha-maleness'...and generally be 'DA MAN' - then read this.

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If you want to support 'T-levels' naturally...boost your 'alpha-maleness'...and generally be 'DA MAN' - then read this.



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Here Is THE Most Important Thing To Supplement With - If You Want To Build ‘Fast’ Muscle!

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Dear Customer,

This is a rather controversial letter which we’ve sat down to write to you today – but it concerns one of the most important things you need to know to build stacks of quality muscle, quickly.

I'm talking about testosterone.

We've all heard of this word...

We hear it ‘whispered’ here and there in the gym.

But not all of us know the important role it plays in building muscle – and how ‘ramping up’ testosterone can give you the biggest muscle gains (quickly) of your entire life. 

Today, we want to SHATTER some myths regarding testosterone...

I also want to tell you about an all new supplement that, quite frankly, beats the pants off the competition when it comes to helping you SUPPORT the highest possible testosterone levels...

In fact, what I’m writing about today can give you the potential to build more muscle than you can shake a stick at - and it’s something that will make your fellow gym-goers jaws drop when they see you pumping iron. 

But first - some BASICS…

What is testosterone?  It’s simple a hormone that our bodies produce. It's known as an anabolic hormone.  That means it helps you to build muscle as well as performing other vital functions in the body.

Fact is, though….testosterone is really the ‘big daddy’ when it comes to increasing muscle mass. Guys who use real (and illegal) testosterone ‘boosters’ create huge, outlandish muscle mass.

Frankly, their strength explodes and they turn into monsters. (Witness guys who take anabolic steroids, and you get some idea of what we are talking about here).

However, all that kind of stuff…we in no way recommend or endorse.

But is there anything that you can do to BOOST and SUPPORT testosterone naturally?

Yes and no.

Firstly: there a LOT of ‘scams’ when it comes to ‘testosterone support. You've probably seen products that can allegedly ‘EXPLODE!’ your testosterone - all whilst you sit on the couch eating crisps!

And, if you take them – your muscles don’t get bigger. But your wallet does get smaller.

A lot of these products are GARBAGE...

The BIG problem with most of the current ‘testosterone’ type products…is, well,actually…there are TWO main flaws with them.

Firstly: most 'Testo' products out there contain just one or two ingredients. And these tend to be WEAK ingredients – ingredients which aren't really proven to boost testosterone at all. 

This is the first ‘flaw’ – a simple lack of decent, proven, testosterone-boosting ingredients. 

Secondly: MOST of the products we’ve seen online have tiny trace amounts of their ingredients.  In short, we’re talking about miniscule amounts of ingredients here – the product simply contains so little of the stuff that it wouldn’t be enough to increase muscle mass in a Daddy Long Legs.

Never mind a HUMAN BEING!

It all comes down to the money at the end of the day

To cold, hard cash...

You see, most supplement companies will throw in a SPECK of a few ingredients to make their product sound ‘cool’ – and they won’t care about the results YOU get...

Here at PsychoProtein, we’re all about the consumer. But the ‘big boys’ in the supplement industry just want the cash in YOUR trousers. They don’t care.

As long as they can ‘meet a labelling’ claim, they will stiff you up the river. That’s what’s happening here; they will just include the bare minimum of any ingredients which they do actually use.

And, as mentioned, most of the ingredients used are NOT particularly good anyway!

No wonder most people don’t get very good results from ‘Test Boosters’!

But – today, that’s about to change.

Big time!

You see, here at we have set out to create the ultimate testosterone booster.  We're not going to say it's going ‘like steroids’ - but in terms of natural testosterone boosting, we believe we've created the one of the best products out there

And we’ve done this in TWO ways…

Firstly, we've included the best ingredients out there today - based on proven research. In short we have ONLY included ingredients that we believe have the best chance of boosting your testosterone naturally (and importantly – safely)

That's the first thing.

Using the very best ingredients out there. From the World's very best suppliers.

Secondly: we’ve only included BIG DOSES of each of these ingredients.  We're NOT giving you trace amounts like so many other companies, who feverishly want to drain your bank account and help themselves to YOUR cash.

(Some of these companies will literally throw a speck of an ingredient in a capsule and fill the rest with a filler or sugar and then say - "there we go, off you go, enjoy! It’s LOADED with great stuff!"

But with our product here today – we’ve not only included the best ingredients…but we’ve also included the best, highest (yet most safe) dosages.

We simply call it…


And it contains THE best ingredients for natural testosterone boosting known to man…in the correct, HIGH dosages.

How it works…

FOUR Phase Ingredient Combination Works Synergistically…

One of the great things here is we’ve included FOUR proven-powerful ingredients.

Now…just one of these ingredients alone might have some effect on certain people - but when you use all four of them together…that's when the party really gets started!

Your strength explodes, your libido goes through the roof, muscle mass starts packing on like hams on bones, and frankly the weights that you're lifting get thrown around like damn Frisbees. 

So what ingredients have we included here?

Well the first ingredient we’ve lined up for you is D-Aspartic acid, also known as DAA. 

This is something that you might have heard of. You can find it in quality testosterone boosting formulas. However, a lot of companies will only use it in low amounts (whereas we’ve included a HIGH, yet safe, dose). 

So what does ‘DAA’ actually do? Well, it's an amino acid that is thought to affect the release of testosterone in the body. 

In one study, they gave a group of 23 men a daily dose of DAA for 12 days (source 1).  The researchers found that “D-aspartate induces an enhancement of LH and testosterone release” – in other words…in human subjects, they found a notably increase in testosterone. That’s impressive stuff.

What’s more, many elite and pro level bodybuilders use this stuff to get a boost in the testosterone department.

And the really good news is that we're including a huge amount of D-Aspartic acid in Psycho’s TESTABOLIC. An ideal dose to feel the full effects - and QUICKLY!

The second ingredient we’ve included is something called…


I’m guessing most people reading this now have probably never heard of it.

It’s an unusual (but totally natural) herb that comes from rocks (believe it or not) in the Himalayas. 

Now straight away…your bulls*** antennae is probably sounding its alarm. Because if you’re anything like us, when you hear the ‘latest and greatest’ herb from the Himalayas…well, you’d be right to be sceptical.  

But this stuff is renowned as being a ‘rejuvenator’, strength-giver, and aphrodisiac. It's known as '...the destroyer of weakness'.

One scientific study (source 2) showed an increase in testosterone in certain men – noting :

“…testosterone…levels significantly increased…”

Now – no guarantees here, but Shilajit is the stuff of legends in certain circles. In fact, we’ve even heard rumours that the former Soviet Union used it on their ‘athletes’ to ramp up the effects of steroids.

Regardless of whether that’s true or not – this stuff been used as a rejuvenator and an adaptogen for thousands of years. It’s a totally natural herb that is known as the “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness”. And, it's SAFE.

So we’ve added this in combination with D-Aspartic Acid. It’s a powerful combination!

But there’s more…

Maca…Extracted at FOUR times the usual potency!

The next ingredient we've lined up is Maca.  But not ORDINARY Maca.

Now - firstly, in case you don't know, Maca is a herb loaded with protein, and it comes from Peruvian Andres mountains. And it’s been used as a natural libido booster and all-around ‘male’ booster for centuries.

It can help increase energy, improve your mood, and improve sexual desire. One scientific study done on male cyclists found that: “14 days…supplementation improved 40 km cycling time trial performance and sexual desire in trained male cyclists” (Source 3).

So – their performance went up both in and out of the bedroom!

Another study done found that Maca increased muscular power (Source 4), whilst others have shown that maca increases semen volume – but that’s another story!

But 'ordinary' Maca isn't good enough...

You see, we've sourced an extract that is FOUR times as powerful as 'normal' Maca! That means exceptional results which is likely w-a-a-a-ay beyond the 'normal' Maca out there.

This is ALSO in this formula!

There’s STILL more!

And yet there’s still more.

You see, we REALLY wanted to create the best testosterone support formula in the history of mankind.

So we added yet another high-powered ingredient: High-Saponins Tribulus.


But not all tribulus is made EQUAL!

But there’s something of a dark side to tribulus too, especially some of the stuff you see being sold online here in the UK.

You see, the active ingredient in Tribulus is something called Saponins. This is the good stuff that can help ramp up libido, testosterone and power. Tribulus without saponins is like having a car with no fuel – basically, it’s useless!

The bad news is that SOME tribulus – especially the cheap stuff you see being peddled by some online vendors – has only 60% Saponins. And some has probably even less than that!

Here at PsychoProtein, we’ve made sure that we have sourced Tribulus Terrestris with a whopping 95% Saponins – making it 50% MORE powerful than some other Tribulus you can buy.

Here’s what we’ve done…

We’ve sourced some of the highest-grade, 95% Saponins Tribulus that we could find. And we’ve ADDED it to this TestAbolic formula too!

 See how this all works?

In Psycho’s Testabolic, rather than just having one ingredient, we've combined FOUR together into this one super powerful testosterone boosting combination

And all at HIGH and OPTIMUM doses (this isn’t watered down garbage like so many other ‘test boosters’).

You know – if we had just one or two of these ingredients, it would still probably be good-enough as a testosterone booster.

But by combining all four together in optimum doses – we’ve got the best testosterone booster on the face of the planet!

And…I'm glad to say all these ingredients are safe and approved

They are natural and yet they are powerful!

And there’s still one final ingredient: Bioperine.

Not a well-known supplement, and this doesn’t actually boost testosterone in any way. But what it does do – very effectively – is allow for increased absorption of supplements and nutrients.

So this stuff literally PUSHES the other ingredients right into your body. Research done on certain nutrients shows Bioperine can increase absorption by up to 59%!

So you can be sure we’ve done everything possible to make sure you ABSORB this stuff right into your body.

Try it today…

So, we’ve told you today about how important testosterone is for optimal training…for building the body that you really want. It can help build more muscle, more strength and more power, more quickly.

We’ve also explained how so many testosterone boosters are not very effective at all.

And, you’ve seen just why we believe Testabolic is THE ultimate testosterone support formula on the market today!

And here’s the best bit…

It’s not EVEN costly in price! You know us here at We like to price fairly and so this product is no different.

But first – what you need to realise here is these ingredients are NOT cheap – especially not in the dosages we’ve manufactured.

But still, the price for a 90 capsule bottle is just £29.95. (That’s a full 30 day supply). In each bottle you get 90 easy-to-take capsules. We recommend taking three capsules per day for optimum results (this is so you get the required amount of each ingredient to ensure the potentially explosive effects).

If you're really daring you can even INCREASE that dose (safely) to 5 capsules per day.

Seriously, this price is peanuts considering the potential benefits you can get from a boost in your testosterone. 

This price is actually less than a fancy gym membership ‘fee’ – and this stuff is going to get you far more benefits than joining a gym that has a fancy sauna and over-sized swimming pool!

WHO can benefit from this product?

Pretty much any guy, of any age.

Regardless of who you are, what age you are, the more testosterone you have circulating in your body, the better your muscle building and ‘physique enhancing’ results are likely to be

Results you can NOTICE…

In fact, I’m convinced that in just a week or two…you’ll start noticing the results. Your strength will increase. Your will be able to lift more easily, you’ll be able to see more muscle piling up…you may even notice an increased sex drive.

And yes – you’ll probably notice more confidence too…

Don’t be surprised if you start to notice that you’ve developed a kind of ‘aura’ that makes other men fear you a little…and that makes ladies STOP when you walk in the room. Call it biology or something else – but that’s what happens when testosterone starts circulating through your body.

Basically…YOU become a more powerful all-around man...

(After all, testosterone is what makes a man – a man!)

Don’t be surprised if you can literally blast through your previous bench press record.

In fact, don't be surprised at all if your previous records in the gym get smashed to pieces.

Heck, people even look at you differently (yes - including members of the opposite sex) when testosterone is coursing through your body. It makes you every inch a every way.

There is something about a man with increased testosterone – people can smell it on him. It’s like he IS the ‘Alpha Male’ that other men look up to. 

That's the REAL benefit of more testosterone pumping through your body. 

Until now – Testosterone support formulas have been just ‘so-so’.

Today, thanks to Testabolic, we look forward to the revolution!

Try some today – simply hit the BIG RED BUTTON below and checkout today through!



Source 1: The role and molecular mechanism of D-aspartic acid in the release and synthesis of LH and testosterone in humans and rats - Reprod Biol End, 2009

Source 2: Clinical evaluation of spermatogenic activity of processed Shilajit in oligospermia, Andrologia, 2010

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Source 4: Effects of Maca Food Supplement on Sportsmen’s Bodily Adaptation to Physical Loads. Kazs Milašius et al.Vilnius Pedagogical University, Lithuania

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