Psycho's Ultimate Lean-Up Package

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Psycho's Ultimate Lean-Up Package

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Grow More Muscle... AND Strip The Fat From Your Bones?

Keep Reading and Learn Exactly HOW!

If you want to lose some fat from your frame, whilst also adding quality muscle - then you made it here just in time to take advantage of possibly the ULTIMATE package to achieve this goal!

You see, here at, we've put together a tremendous package that contains everything you need to lean up and add muscle. And at a price that will astonish you!

Here's what you get...

Up first, you get our legendary Diet Weight Loss Whey Milkshake (1KG). Not only is this some of the best protein out there, but it's also loaded with L-Carnitine (another fat burner) AND CLA (yet another fat burner!)

This Weight Loss Whey has just 114.6 calories per 30gram serving.

And HUGE 24.5g of protein per 30 gram serving!

And LESS than 1gram of carbs (and less than 1gram of fat) per serving!

These are superb 'muscle-building-and-fat-burning-numbers' that are easily comparable to TOP brands that cost two or three times the price...if not more!

AND...and...added to our 'Weight Loss Whey' is L-Carnitine and CLA. These are EXPENSIVE.  But we've added them anyway, to ensure we got the best diet whey available in the UK right now.

But there's a lot more to this package!

You also get 1KG of our Psycho's Anabolic Whey 81%.

This is an ideal protein shake to have on your WORKOUT days. So, you'll have your Weight Loss Whey on your NON-training days, then load up with this Anabolic Whey when you do decide to hit the gym. This Anabolic Whey is ideal for boosting muscular growth. It 'ratchets' up your body's own ability to grow and repair muscle, as it has a HIGH protein content of OVER 80% protein (most protein products available have 80% protein...whereas our Anabolic Whey goes over 81%) - fact is, you get 24.5grams of protein per 30gram serving...loaded with muscle-building amino acids!

This protein is IDEAL to take on your workout days, and especially AFTER a workout!

But there's still more!

We are also including 2KG of our Psycho's Incredible Oats. These oats are ideal to keep you feeling FULL...for longer. They are great for breakfast, or even for a snack.

They taste great too! We use UK-based oats...from one of the UK's premier millers. We then ensure they are 'ground up' for easy-digestion (and great 'creamy' taste) - again, these are ideal for keeping you fuller for longer. They are healthy. And they are often recommended by leading authorities as a way to lose weight. They also give you longer-lasting ENERGY...ideal if you're using this as part of a workout program!

There's still more...

We're also going to include 100 Green-Tea tablets. Green tea has become something of a sensation in weight loss circles... primarily because of proven research that shows it can aid weight loss. If this is used in combination with the other 'stuff' included in this out! The fat is going to go walkabout. And the muscle is going to arrive too...

So what's the price?

Well - how does just £39.99 sound? Yes, that's for the ENTIRE package. To order simply choose the FLAVOUR you want for your Diet Weight Loss Whey...and check-out today. We look forward to hearing of your results!

How to Dose?:

We recommend 2-3 servings per day of your Diet Weight Loss Whey on NON-training days.

On training days, you can then use our Anabolic Whey Protein 81%. So for training days, take the 81% protein and on the other days, take our Diet Weight Loss Whey.

The oats? We'd recommend taking for breakfast, or simply if you want to snack.

The green-tea tablets? Take a couple of capsules each day.