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Psycho's Totally Unfair Anabolic Whey

    We didn’t know if it was going to be possible… …but I think we’ve done it! So keep reading this message today – and I’ll tell you about the ‘rocky road’ we’ve travelled to bring you possibly the biggest breakthrough in Whey Protein Technology the UK has ever seen.

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We didn’t know if it was going to be possible… …but I think we’ve done it! So keep reading this message today – and I’ll tell you about the ‘rocky road’ we’ve travelled to bring you possibly the biggest breakthrough in Whey Protein Technology the UK has ever seen.

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The ULTIMATE Breakthrough In Whey Protein That 'The Big Boys' Don’t Want You To Know About!

More Muscle, More Quickly?

Less Body Fat, More Quickly?

Dear Customer,

We didn’t know if it was going to be possible…

…but I think we’ve done it!

So keep reading this message today – and I’ll tell you about the ‘rocky road’ we’ve travelled to bring you possibly the biggest breakthrough in Whey Protein Technology the UK has ever seen.

But first – a little background…

You see, if you’ve been around the supplement market at all, you’ll know that there are LOTS of ‘whey protein’ type products out there. Some by us…and many more by other companies.

And – a lot of these are ‘good’ products.

But, from what we’ve seen…none are the ‘ultimate’.

Of course, many ‘claim’ to be the best. But if you dig below the surface, you’ll find that many are virtually the same.

There just AIN’T much difference between the many 'whey protein' products now on the market!

That’s why we set out to create something extraordinary. Something that would frankly mash the competition into dust…and become THE ‘market leader’ in whey protein technology.

Today – I’m glad to hand YOU one of the ‘first opportunities’ to try this new breakthrough for yourself.

We call it Psycho's Totally Unfair EXTREME Anabolic Whey – because, quite frankly, if you start supplementing with this stuff, it’s just not fair on your competition!

But first, let me give you a little background...

As you probably know, some time ago, we introduced Psycho's Almost Unfair Anabolic Whey Protein, which has proven to be a giant success with our customers.

Customers have being seeing big slabs of muscle being stacked onto their frame…they’ve seen fat falling off…and they’ve seen out-sized results with their training.

But we wanted to up the ante.

We wanted to go even further and create not just an ‘almost unfair’ product but one, which was extreme ... basically, which is totally unfair to your competition - but, or course, still totally legal and within the rules (and of course, completely SAFE).

Not only would it create potentially huge muscle growth and help rapidly ramp up body fat loss…but it would also be extremely safe.

So what’s in this new stuff…and how does it work, EXACTLY?

It works in THREE ways:

1)  By providing a COMBINATION of the highest quality protein out there (for muscle growth, fat loss, and recovery – and we all know how important a decent amount of protein for this)


2)  To ramp up the body’s anabolic response – to create the best possible environment for outlandish muscle growth…


3)  AND - finally to create a favourable environment for ‘lending a helping hand’ to human growth hormone (the incredible stuff your body produces naturally to pack on muscle WHILST lowering fat).


Yeah…we thought the same.

This is going to be IMPOSSIBLE!

But it IS possible. And that's why I've sat down to write this for you today...

You see, this tri-phase ‘attack’ on your physique goals is about to change the whey protein game – forever!

I’m talking about YOU creating anabolic sized gains that will leave people's jaws open, wondering ‘How the HECK does he do it, man!’

Let me tell you exactly what we've formulated for you…

… and how it can help you stack on more quality muscle in the next 30 days than you've ever seen before.

Firstly, we've sourced some of simplest, but most effective protein we all know and love: the best whey protein we could find on the face of the planet. But this isn’t whey protein concentrate.

Nor is it whey protein isolate (generally considered the 'KING' of whey).

No this is better still!

It’s Whey Protein Hydrolysate, from one of Europe’s premier producers.

This is stuff - Hydrolysate - is probably the BEST whey you can buy for TARGETED and FAST muscle growth.

What’s so great about it? How does it differ from normal whey?

Well, whey hydrolysate is thought to be about the fastest acting protein out there.

It quickly SPIKES the amount of muscle-building ‘amino acids’ in your blood. In other words, it shoots anabolic musclcular growth factors RIGHT DAMN into your blood, as quickly as possible after taking it.

And shuttles it right into the heart of your muscles fibres...arguably QUICKER than anything else on the planet!

One study found OVER DOUBLE the amount of ‘muscle synthesis’ after taking whey hydrolysate over a standard milk (casein) protein. (source 1)

Whey Hydrolysate is also LOADED with Leucine, the most anabolic amino acid known to man.

It’s this combination that’s really exciting – it acts quickly to get into your body, and it’s LOADED with essential, anabolic aminos that can SPIKE UP your muscle growth.

Elite athletes and bodybuilders turn to whey hydrolysate when they want outlandish results. But this is just the start…only the FIRST component of this new whey protein technology...

Because we’ve also added…

…The ‘perfect’ protein?

The next thing that we've added is something that’s very under-utilised here in the UK.

Some even call it the ‘perfect’ protein – simply because the body digests and uses it so well and so easily.

I’m talking about egg white protein powder. Now, not many people realize how damn good egg white protein really is for muscle-building. It's an extremely high quality protein.

Some even call it the ‘perfect protein’!


Egg white is actually made up of forty separate proteins that frankly ‘go to town’ on your muscles…and it’s also LOADED with KEY essential ‘amino acids’ (the stuff that helps build muscle), and your body finds it very easy to digest and ‘use’.

It’s also very low fat (as the yolks are removed) and very low in cholesterol and has virtually no carbs in it either. (Source 2)

The 'low carb' stuff is this will help with STRIPPING the fat from your bones.

What’s more, our egg white protein is high in arginine – which can help ‘ramp up’ your body’s own production of the all important growth hormone. (Some people even believe it can ‘remove’ your body’s natural in-built biological restraint on growing new muscle via something called follistatin (although this remains unproven – but still…very interesting nonetheless!)

And here’s the really good news…

You see, by sourcing the best quality egg albumen protein we could find, I can tell you now that it takes a whopping 250 EGGS to produce just 1KG of the egg protein we’ve used here.

That should tell you the level of protein, the purity and the anabolic effects this muscle powder can produce for you.

It also digests at what you’d call ‘medium pace’. So, remember the whey hydrolysate I mentioned earlier...and how it’s FAST acting?

Well, this albumen protein is medium-speed. So BAM! You get the fast acting whey hydro, then you get this coming up the rear, saturating your body with aminos after you’ve taken on board the super-fast acting whey hydrolosate.

NO muscle fibre in your body will be able to escape the anabolic effect!

There’s more…

We've also added micellar casein. This is a slow-digesting protein (which is why we’ve included it here), derived from cow’s milk, containing a whopping 85% pure protein.

Why have we also included this, on top of the other proteins?


Casein is known as a slow-digesting protein. So, your whey hydrolysate acts QUICKLY to shuttle very high quality protein into your body. Then the egg protein comes up behind that, with medium speed, loaded as it is with anabolic essential amino acids.

Finally, the high-protein, 85% micellar casein comes in behind that at an even slower digestion speed.

This ‘finishes’ the job shall we say – giving you a complete ‘phased’ protein release throughout the day. (You’re literally covering all bases here, leaving no cell in your body able to escape the rampant anabolic effect, raining down new muscle fibre onto new muscle fibre. There is NO chance but to GROW like an out-of-control Psycho-muscle FREAK).

HUGE 82% PROTEIN content…

In total these three proteins provide you with 80% protein in each serving of Extreme Whey.

So in each 30g, you’re getting 24g of the BEST proteins known to man.

But there's still more on top of this…

We've also added a big extra dose of leucine.

As you probably know, we're big fans of leucine. Numerous studies have shown that it is THE most important amino acid for creating anabolic muscle growth in your body.

Leucine is THE ‘big daddy’ amino when it comes to creating muscle ‘protein synthesis’ (a big name for what is basically muscle GROWTH).

Not only is it anabolic but it also can help your muscles from getting broken down (so after a workout, your muscles have been ‘broken down’ by training – and leucine can help to halt that).

So on both fronts – it’s the ultimate anabolic amino acid.

One scientific study with Leucine showed how it is possibly the most important amino acid for creating an anabolic response in the body. (source 5).

The bottom-line: this stuff ‘ramps up’ your anabolic response to your training and sets you on the Royal Road to muscle growth.

So – to really put this over the top (and to ensure you much your competition into peanut butter), we've added even more leucine on top of what you usually get in our standard ‘Almost Unfair’ protein.

You already will be getting plenty of Leucine because of the other proteins already included (through the whey hydrolosate, the casein and the egg albumin). But as I say…we’ve added even MORE on top – to give you a totally unfair muscle-building advantage!

How to get an even GREATER anabolic response…

But to create outrageous muscle growth…we wanted to add something else to the mix.

Something simple...but important.

Yes, we also want to add a ‘dash’ of a fast-acting carbohydrate.

So we’ve add just a bit of maltodextrin.

Why? Well, this simple carbohydrate is known to spike your insulin when you take it.

There isn't much in here (as we don't want too many carbs), but ENOUGH to get that 'insulin spike' to RAM the damn other ingredients straight into the friggin' MUSCLE!

Insulin is known as one of the most anabolic growth hormones there is. It’s often known as a ‘muscle-building messenger’. It helps your muscles actually grow, by ‘pushing’ nutrients into your muscles. And that’s why we’ve included it here. When you ‘spike’ your insulin you are engorging your muscles with ‘good stuff’.

That’s why we’re including it here. Think of it as the ‘delivery’ mechanism for the other nutrients we’ve included in Extreme Anabolic Whey.

So this small addition of a fast-acting carb can help with the anabolic response…pushing the proteins that we've included, like the egg ... the whey isolate, the casein…and to drive them right into the damn muscle.

The result: it helps create maximum muscle growth in minimum time, again.

We’re hitting it from all angles here!

We've got not just one but THREE of the best proteins, all with set timings. And then – on top of this - we've also ensured we've added extra leucine. And THEN we've tried to maximize the insulin-based anabolic response to create the maximum growth via maltodextrin.

On all fronts, we're hitting it big time; and that's why we call this the Extreme Anabolic Whey.

But there's still more!

But yes…there’s yet even more.

Because we really wanted to make this product Totally Unfair – to enable to smash your previous personal bests, to grow muscle where muscles don’t even exist…and to create a damn public exhibition whenever you wear a vest.

Beta-Hydroxy beta-methylbutyric acid.

Mean anything to you? Probably not. It’s also known as – ‘HMB’.

Ever heard of it? Some of us will have, but I bet the majority haven’t. Why? Well, this stuff is usually ONLY used by serious bodybuilders and athletes looking for an extra edge.

Fact is, it can help shoot up your strength, increase your power…and generally turn you into a psycho beast who packs on muscle like a fat kid packing on flab on his 'Christmas break'.

One study in the journal Nutrition was pretty clear. It concluded:

“This study showed, regardless of gender or training status, HMB may increase upper body strength and minimize muscle damage when combined with an exercise program.” (source 3)

Pretty clear, right?

It can help explode your strength and power…and stop your muscles from ‘breaking down’ when you train…which creates even more muscle growth.

What we’ve created here is effectively like a powerful muscle-building-circle.

You see, the other ‘ingredients’ in this protein help ‘load up’ the muscles with protein…

The added Leucine and Maltodextrin amplify the anabolic response…

And finally HMB INCREASES strength even further, leading to MORE power, more muscular growth…and so on…in a positive circle.

The result: SERIOUS gains, like you’ve never seen before. Shirts not fitting. People stopping you to ask what on earth you’re ‘on’. Other guys asking you for advice and ‘how do you do it, man!’.

You get the idea.

And finally…

As good as all these ingredients are – we believe they are even better when they get fully and completely absorbed.

And that’s why we've also added one final ingredient: Bioperine.

This is a very simple substance that has been proven in clinical studies to increase absorption of certain nutrients in the body. After all, as good as these ingredients are…they are even better when they are PUSHED right into muscle and when they get fully absorbed.

In one study done on Bioperine, they saw as much as a 61.2% increase in nutrient uptake through adding Bioperine into the mix. That’s HUGE – the equivalent of potentially getting 60% more muscle-building powder from each shake that you guzzle down on. (source 4).

So we've also added this into the mix, as well.

So not only have you got all the best ingredients… you've got the addition of leucine…and the addition of the addition of maltodextrin to create a powerful muscle-building insulin response. And you’ve got HMB for increased power and strength…

And on top of all this - you've also got a substance that makes the absorption of all this ‘good stuff’ as high as possible.

We're really doing everything we can to create a anabolic response in the body! And, to DRIVE HOME these muscle building blocks right INTO the damn muscle.

To literally SHOCK the muscle and ensure it can’t help but grow!

It's almost like forcing the muscle to grow, so it literally can't stop popping out of your shirt.

I’m talking bigger traps, biceps like pythons, a chest that you could rest a pint glass on, and a back so wide you could drape a set of curtains across it.

Fact is, this breakthrough new protein isn’t just an unfair advantage.

It’s a an extremely unfair advantage!

I just want to emphasize something here though: there is nothing dodgy or dangerous about this protein. They are safe ingredients – albeit cleverly combined together – and they are used ‘synergistically’ to create this breakthrough in muscle-building technology.

But to be clear: there's no steroids here. There's nothing dodgy. It's all safe ingredients which are proven to do serious good in the body. So please be clear on this.

This protein is NOT for everyone…

But still, we can’t say that this protein is for ‘everyone’.

It isn’t.

Who this is NOT for: if you're just a guy that wants ‘do a bit’, who wants to create a bit of muscle here and there…this probably isn’t for you.

Basically, it’s not for people who aren't SERIOUS.

This is ONLY for those customers who are TRUE PSYCHOS about this stuff.  Those of us who want the best results in the quickest period of time. Those people who are really after the best results – whatever it takes.

But if you’re really serious about building muscle – and want a totally unfair advantage – then we’d highly recommend trying some for yourself.

So what’s the cost?

Well, it’s NOT cheap. Most of our offers are great value – and so is this.

But ‘cheap’…it is not.

But still it’s a great value if you want the best chance of building high quality muscle whilst dropping fat.

Bear in mind: JUST the 'Bioperine' alone costs us hundreds of pounds per Kilo. The level of QUALITY of these ingredients is UNMATCHED.

You simply CANNOT go any 'higher' than this protein.

Not possible.So the price reflects this...and is still a 'mad bargain' considering the QUALITY you're getting here.

So that price is £49.95 for a BIG 2KG tub. We’ve seen some brands that have proteins at 30% higher prices than this with much inferior ingredients.

So all in all – this is STILL a ‘psycho-like’ bargain!

We believe, no joke, this is the best whey protein product in the UK right now – if not the World – if you want over-the-top results.

So if you're really interested in getting the best body possible…the most rippling physique…your most shredded physique - a physique that turns heads - then I think we’d urge you to give this a go today.

YOU are going to be the one that sees fat 'go away'...sees muscle where you didn't even know there was're going to be the man who people stop and stare and look at.

YOU will be the one who people ask for training advice, who look at you from the corner of their eye...because YOU are 'DA MAN' with the ultimate physique.

We think you’ll like the results you get by using this. Try some today. Simply hit the link below. You'll be taken to where you can choose your flavour! Order today!


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