Psycho's Total Extreme Carbs (8KG Bucket)

Psycho's Total Extreme Carbs (8KG Bucket)

    What's the SECRET to getting HUGE? More calories - it's as simple as that! (Alongside your training, of course).

    And what's the best source of calories? Good, clean carbs...and that's what you're about to get here. Big time!

    Read on and see how the World's biggest bodybuilders get FREAKY huge!

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What's the SECRET to getting HUGE? More calories - it's as simple as that! (Alongside your training, of course).

And what's the best source of calories? Good, clean carbs...and that's what you're about to get here. Big time!

Read on and see how the World's biggest bodybuilders get FREAKY huge!

The Elite Bodybuilder's SECRET For Getting FREAKY Huge!

Here's what it's all about (the short version):

Want to pack on QUALITY size - WITHOUT spending a fortune on over-priced supplements? Want to use the same 'trick' the World's biggest bodybuilders use?

Relax. And exhale. Here at PsychoProtein - we've got the ultimate solution. You are about to discover how to get an EXTRA 1,580 calories PER DAY using this incredible source of QUALITY CARBOHYDRATES hat the big boys use- and at a price that leaves our expensive competition choking on our dust!


Now INCLUDES: FREE 250g Bag of Our Highly-Rated 5-Star-Reviewed 'Psycho Creatine'!

If you made it to this page, then no doubt you’re looking to build serious muscle mass. You want some bulk on your frame, and do you know the best way of doing that?

Simply put…


The World’s elite bodybuilders load up on quality carbohydrates when they want to bulk up and add quality size to their frames.

Don’t believe us? Here’s what the World’s hugest and most massive pro’ BODYBUILDERS use to get FREAKY huge..

  • Ronnie Coleman – 8-times Mr. Olympia (basically the World Champion of bodybuilding) was known to consume over 5,000 calories PER DAY of carbs when training. His trainer, Chad Nicholls (source: went on record as saying: “Ronnie would be eating clean carbs in the range of 1,200–1,500 grams”. (yes, per day – when you convert grams to calories, it works out that this is almost 5,000 calories PER DAY from carbs!) As you can see – that’s an awful lot of carbs, but the results are there for everyone to see – with SEVEN Mr. Olympia titles!
  • Jay Cutler, another 4-time ‘Mr. Olympia’ winner (the World Champ of bodybuilding) via his ‘Eat Large’ training program, states: - "I can't eat just oatmeal and egg whites or fish," he says. "I can't do it. I shrink. I need a lot of simple carbs." Again, there’s a World champion bodybuilder stressing the great importance of CARBS to get HUGE!
  • And then there’s Phil Heath – the current Mr. Olympia (World Champ of body-building) is also a big carb eater . In the book: Eat like a pro: step into the kitchen with Phil Heath, Wider Publications – a sample diet in BIG Phil’s diet comes out to OVER 800g PER DAY of carbs – converting to calories, that’s OVER 3,000 calories PER DAY from carbs alone! That’s a staggering amount!


Now, let’s be clear here: it’s not necessary for the average Joe to consume these numbers. These are professionals who already have humungous bodies and who dedicate their entire lives to this…but the point is simple…


The more quality carbs you can get into your body – the more likely YOU will blow up like a freaky muscle balloon…giving the muscle FULLNESS and make it pop OUT of your damn shirt.

But how does the average guy do that? You probably don’t have hundreds of pounds a week to spend and 2 hours a day to cook all this food!

That’s why we’ve put together a breakthrough product – PSYCHO EXTREME TOTAL CARBS…

This product has it all…the FOUR best slow and fast-acting carbohydrate sources to make your body SHIFT into high growth mode with CARB POWER! And yeah – it TASTES superb!

Here’s what we’ve ‘engineered’ into this shake so it helps you get GREAT results!

First EXTREME CARB SOURCE: Finely-Milled ‘Bodybuilders Oats’

Look - Oats have been used since day dot to build muscle and add size. And for good reason. Pro bodybuilders use ‘em to fill up their carbs stores and to make their muscles ‘beef up’. Oats are what’s known as a complex carbohydrate, meaning they give you that sustained, throughout-the-day energy (plus the backup energy for hard training).

We have sourced some of the finest oats in the UK…and had ‘em milled down to their finest form – so they are easy to gulp down in this shake.

They flat out WORK. They also taste damn good (at least ours do).

So that’s the first part of Psycho’s Extreme Total Carbs…

Second EXTREME CARB SOURCE: High-Grade Dextrose.

Dextrose is a fast-acting carbohydrate that's ideal for AFTER your workout (yes, we recommend taking this AFTER your workout as well – just when your body is ‘ready’ for the carb hit to BLOW UP your damn muscles).

Complements the slow-acting oats PERFECTLY.

Next up…

Third EXTREME CARB SOURCE: Maltodextrin is one of the fastest-acting carbohydrates in the World...and is usually found in energy drinks and gels. It's another great carbohydrate source that is ideal to take after a workout to 'spike' insulin to drive muscle gains...and is also used by athletes, bodybuilders and high-performing sports-people to ADD CALORIES to their diets…

That’s why we’ve included it here.

It has the calories for MASS gaining, plus the ability to provide more energy for your workouts, PLUS can help for recovery to restore your muscles after training. A double- no! TRIPLE whammy!

Fourth EXTREME CARB SOURCE: And so we come to our final carb source…

Few people outside of 'elite' sporting circles have ever heard of Waxy Maize Starch. Yet it's one of the 'secrets' of major-league endurance athletes and other professional sportspeople, as well as BIG-TIME bodybuilders.

It’s another fast and CLEAN source of energy and calories and is another pure carbohydrate source.

What’s that?

In total – that’s four of the best, calorie-dense carbohydrate sources that are used by professional-level body-builders – all rolled into this one incredible shake!

Now – it’s your turn to GET BIG!

And this is important…

All these carbohydrate sources we use for Psycho’s Extreme Carbs are PURE and CLEAN. They all come from World-leading manufacturers in their respective fields…and they are all clean – by that we mean that the body can rapidly take them on board and use them (in our case for increasing calories – and also for increasing energy, to help power your workouts more effectively, and adding muscle mass).

But there’s still more!

Now, as good as carbohydrates are for BULKING…you will also want to add protein for muscle repair, growth and recovery.

That’s why with the PSYCHO EXTREME CARB powder shake…you also get a very nice addition of our highest-grade 100% whey protein.

No cheap crap here. Just absolute pure 100% Whey – with all the powerful ‘amino acids’ you need loaded right into which help with muscle growth. Manufactured from sweet cheese whey, this is some of the purest, finest, cleanest ‘muscle-getting’ whey you’ll find in the UK…and we’ve added a healthy dose to Psycho’s Extreme Carbs too!

This will ensure that your muscles grow, recover and repair too – whilst the Total Carbs will give you the muscle building-blocks on which you’ll build your fearsome, sizeable and new muscular frame…

Each serving of 200g of Psycho’s Extreme Carbs comes in with a whopping 790 CALORIES…gulp it down twice per day and you’ll be getting an EXTRA 1580 calories per day! Combine that with good training and you’re away.

But it gets better still!

We’ll also throw in our highly-rated and top-reviewed creatine as part of this deal today!

This product has drawn rave reviews (over 40 of which are FULL 5/5) from the muscle and strength community – because it flat out WORKS to increase size, strength and POWER. Check out these customer comments…

So YES - as a special also get a full 250g bag of this 'Psycho' creatine too!

Combine that with Psycho’s Extreme Total Carbs – and get ready to watch your size, power and strength simply EXPLODE!

 Train right along with that, and watch your muscles explode in size, and your shirts start popping clean open. Watch people stop and stare and your impressive new, bulky physique.

So what’s the price?

It’s just £49.95 for a HUGE 8KG tub. Bear in mind that we buy in huge bulk (by the ton). And in line with our name,, we like to price MAD-CHEAP.

Amazing value…superb results…all at ‘mad-good’ prices that make our competition SQUEAL like little piglets!

And remember you’ll ALSO get 250g of FREE creatine in a pouch as well!

Order today. We may well raise the price soon, so be sure to get your order in right now.

A word on our FLAVOURS...

We used some of the UK's top flavour technologists to develop our flavours. 'Standard' flavours weren't good enough. You see, we wanted our flavours to be...


And by golly - they are! You'll love downing this mass gainer! And you'll be in love with our Bonkers Banana flavour...or our Vicious Vanilla...our Crazy-Good Chocolate Cream, or our Slasher Strawberry cream. JUST ADDED! Now we also have CHOCOLATE MINT and Cookies and Cream too! They all taste superb and will leave you clamouring for more-more-more!

Simply choose the flavour you prefer from the drop-down box above.

How to Dose?:

Our Head Psycho, the infamous Hannibal Krueger, recommends 2 servings per day for the best possible 'mass-gaining' results. Simply add water or milk (milk is best as it will add even more calories into the mix), shake and drink immediately. Mixes easily in a shaker.

Two (200g) servings per day =  1,580 calories of PSYCHO CARB POWER per day!


We ship most of our packages using a 48-hour shipping service, meaning you should get it in a couple of days from ordering. We usually process your order the same-day, if received by 12pm (lunch-time).

A final word:

Here at PsychoProtein, we price in a 'mad' and 'psycho-low' fashion. But our prices may not be this low forever - especially because of this special deal price here today! As such, we'd strongly suggest ordering today to ensure you get your order to us in time for this offer! Simply hit the 'Buy Now' button and you're away. Order today. I think you'll like 'Psycho Mass Gainer' - and the results it's going to give you!