Psycho's Thermogenic CLA Tablets (Conjugated Acid)

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Psycho's Thermogenic CLA Tablets (Conjugated Acid)

    Pure 'Psycho' CLA in high-strength capsule format. Liquid, absorbable and a whopping 1GRAM of pure CLA per tablet. Read on and discover this well-respected weight loss aid for yourself!

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Pure 'Psycho' CLA in high-strength capsule format. Liquid, absorbable and a whopping 1GRAM of pure CLA per tablet. Read on and discover this well-respected weight loss aid for yourself!


Tone Up Your Body And Reduce Body Fat With CLA? Really?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is one of the most potent weight management 'tools' - and 'enemies' of body fat - known to man.

A bold claim, I know...but read on and you’ll see what we mean...

As we all know, since fitness and physique ‘psychos’ roamed the planet, they’ve always wanted to drop fat.

Something about feeling better about yourself...attracting admiring glances from members of the opposite gender...and not damn well looking your very best.

And I don’t know about you...but you just feel a lot better all round without pesky fat on your bones.

And since, well just about forever, there have been a whole manner of ‘remedies’ that are supposed to help you drop fat.

Except hardly ANY actually work.

Frauds run galore in the weight loss market.

But about 20 years back, one scientist made an astonishing discovery.

And believe it or all started with hamburger meat...

(Yes – hamburger meat!)

Back a few decades ago, a guy called Dr. Michael Pariza at the University of Wisconsin was doing research on fats, when he ‘found’ CLA in grilled beef. The scientists involved who discovered CLA then realised it had all sorts of wonderful benefits for people looking to trim down…

What kind of results can you get from it?

Well, one professional, scientific study by a group of ‘boffins’ found that CLA can help drop your body fat like a fat kid drops fruit.

They said: “Participants took either placebo (hydrogel) or CLA 0.6 mg, three times daily, as two capsules during meals, for 12 weeks. Body fat, measured using near infrared light, wassignificantly reduced in the CLA group during the study” (1).

And another entirely separate study concluded: “Long-term supplementation...reduces BFM {body fat mass} in healthy overweight adults.” (2)

In other words: the 'boffin' like studies on this stuff seem to agree: CLA can help you with body fat.

And even if you’re not overweight, CLA can still help you reduce and trim down...helping to 'lean you up'...

For example – a study done in Norway found that: “CLA reduces body fat but not body weight in healthy exercising humans of normal body weight.” (3)

So it can help contribute towards reducing those final few pounds.

Yeah...I think we get the message loud and clear: plain and simple, CLA is one of the 'big daddy' supplements if you want to trim down!

Oh – and by the way...

This is WITHOUT reducing any muscle you might already have.

And that’s because CLA seems to ‘target’ fat and leaves the muscle alone and leaves muscle where it should be – on YOUR body!

OK, we’ve heard about the results. This stuff ‘works’...but the question remains...

So how does this clever stuff work - exactly?

Actually, it’s quite simple.

CLA is thought to INCREASE your ‘metabolic rate’. In plain English, it speeds up your metabolism, hence burns up calories (and fat) more quickly. And we all know the benefits ofthat...

One important thing to note: most studies focus on taking a decent amount of CLA each day. If you don’t take ‘enough’, chances are you won’t get the full benefits.

That’s why Psycho’s CLA contains a whopping 1000mg in each tablet. Knock two back a day, and you’ll be well in the ‘right amount’ to get CLA working on your body fat!

Can you get CLA from your diet alone? Probably not. You’d have to wolf down huge amounts of meat and milk, and even then there’s no guarantee.

Far better to get your EASY dose from the 'Team PsychoProtein'...

We’ve also made sure we go with the pure stuff, right from one of the World’s very best manufacturers of this stuff.

It's about as pure-as-pure-can be. And just the right strength to get CLA’s amazing benefits working for you too.

Get Psycho's Thermogenic CLA today, right now. Order today! Just hit the ‘Add To Cart’ button below, and choose how many capsules you want. Remember...the more you buy, the more you save!

Hannibal Kruger's (Head Psycho) Recommendation on What DOSAGE To Use:

Our Head Psycho ('Hannibal Kruger') recommends 1-2 capsules a day taken with water.

Complete Ingredient List For This Product:

Each capsule contains: 

1000mg Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and gelatin capsule.


References Cited:

(1) E Thom, J Wadstein, O Gudmundsen; Conjugated Linoleic Acid Reduces Body Fat in Healthy Exercising Humans. J Int Med Res 2001;29(5):392-396.

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Does the stuff

Was initially going to wait until the gym was open again to try these but got bored of waiting and tried them early. Just by eating more or less lean foods in additions to these notice the fat disapearing rom my thighs, waist, stomach and even my butt and arms. Im starting to look leaner and more toned. Its a miracle really as I was starting to think it was impossible or very hard to lose fat in the stubborn places. Looking forward when gym opens as I'm sure it'll burn even more off then

Fat burners

Well impressed with these. Easy to swallow and no bitter taste. Only been taking them less than two weeks and already seeing my belly and love handles shrinking. Would definitely recommend them

Great tasting

Lovely texture, not gritty. Nice smooth consistency.

Top class service

great product and fast delivery

Fast delivery great product

excellent will buy again