Psycho's Strong Omega 3 Fish Oils - Highest Quality EHA/DPA!

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Psycho's Strong Omega 3 Fish Oils - Highest Quality EHA/DPA!

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High-Strength, Health-Promoting Omega 3 Fish Oils - LOADED With A Whopping 55% DHA/EPA!


You’ve Found Quite Possibly The HIGHEST QUALITY, Health-Promoting Fish Oil You’ll Find On The Entire Internet!

If you've made it to this page, you already know the powerful health-promoting properties of Omega-3 fish oils! But what you may not know is why most of the JUNK fish oils you can buy online these days aren't worth the bags they come in!

You see, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are the health promoting oils that are known as Omega 3s - yet in many 'fish oil' supplements these days they are included in SCANT amounts.

These are the ‘good fats’ that scientists and doctors rave about, and which we are chronically deficient of because of our poorly nutrient-dense WESTERN diets.

BUT MOST OMEGA 3 Fish Oil supplements contain only SMALL amounts of the critical DHA/EPAs.

Our Psycho fish oil supplements are different...

Simply put, by sourcing from one of the UK's top fish oil suppliers, we have found arguably THE highest-quality fish oil out there. You get a whopping 55% of EHA and DPA - a verified figure you can trust and rely on!

To be exact: you get in each 1000mg capsule, you get a huge 330mg of EPA and 220mg of DHA ( total 550mg in EACH capsule). That’s huge - and that means two things:

 1) ONE capsule per day is enough – saving you plenty of money! (Many fish oil supplements would require you to take 2 capsules a day, or more to get these levels)

 2) Pure quality. With some fish oil supplements, they don’t even tell you the EHA and DPA levels  yet these are the KEY to the effectiveness! With us you know exactly what you’re getting.

How are these capsules made?

They are made from directly shoaling quality, ‘health-promoting’ deep-sea fish such as sardines and anchovies – and the oils come directly from these fish, NOT from some cheap substitute that’s then passed off as ‘fish oil’.

These are the REAL thing…

They come in easy-to-take soft gels, making them easy to take and swallow. The capsules are not overly large and should be taken with a decent meal.

More benefits of fish oil…

Here are some of the reasons why people take fish oil:

-----> BRAIN HEALTH: Is thought to help with both stress and overall mental health (1) – fish oil is often used to induce and aid greater feelings of well-being, partly through helping to reduce adrenaline and increasing blood flow to the brain (source 2)

 -----> HEART HEALTH: Can help to lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels and lower high blood pressure (3). There are many studies showing high-quality fish oil is one of THE best ‘heart-healthy’ supplements ever discovered

 -----> HELPS REDUCE OVERALL INFLAMMATION AND IMPROVES OVERALL HEALTH: helps correct the bad ‘Western Diet’ and can help reduce overall inflammation, the KEY to better health through high-levels of Omega 3 health-promoting fats.

And as mentioned - we believe we have some of the best, richest, highest-quality fish oil capsules out there!

What's the price?

Just £11.99 for 90 capsules (three months supply). Order two bottles and save £2, and order three bottles and save £5! The more you buy, the more you save! Simply make your selection from the drop-down box above.  

You can also choose from the drop-down box above to order TWO or THREE bottles - and the more you buy the more you save! Stock up now!


Hannibal Kruger's (Head Psycho) Recommendation on What DOSAGE To Use:

 Our Head Psycho ('Hannibal Kruger') recommends just one, 1000mg capsule per day. There are 90 capsules in this bottle, meaning this should last you three months!

Complete Ingredient List For This Product:

Fish oil concentrate, bovine gelatin (capsule), glycerin.

Research Sources Cited:

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