Psycho's Sleep and Grow Big System

Psycho's Sleep and Grow Big System

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9 Hours WITHOUT Growing Your Muscles?

Here's How To Turn Your Sleeping Time Into Real Muscle Growth Time!

Here's a surprising fact: one of the most important times of the day for real muscle-building is NOT your gym time. Nope. So what is it?

It's your bed-time! Why? Simple - for decades, bodybuilders have realised the importance of SLEEP when it comes to muscle growth. As you probably know, your muscles REPAIR when you rest...and then grow bigger. Hence the importance of proper rest! (Heck...some bodybuilders even INSIST on sleeping right after a workout - such is the importance of rest!). But here's the thing... At the same time as you NEED a good sleep and rest to RECOVER...sleep is arguably also THE most dangerous time of the day for muscle-building! Why? Because for a full 9 hours or so...your body takes on ZERO nutrients. No food. And no protein. You lying there in a slumber, as your muscles start to STARVE! Here at Psycho HQ, this is WHY we recommend taking on a slow-digesting protein source BEFORE you go to sleep. Let us explain exactly why... Proteins come with different SPEEDS OF DIGESTION. There are 'fast' proteins, like whey. And there are 'slow' Micellar Casein. The SLOWER the protein is, the more slowly it 'pumps' the protein into your muscles. So, in the case of miscellar casein, your stomach and body absorbs in SLOWLY. This is great if you want a slow-infusion of protein - but not so good if you've just finished a workout. If you've just finished a workout, you're much better off taking on WHEY - as it's FAST digesting. Then it gets right INTO the damn muscle...straight away. So, what do we do when it comes to SLEEP time? Well, we don't want a fast-digesting protein like whey before we go to bed. Why not? As it would be rapidly absorbed in the first hour or two of sleep, leaving you with another seven hours or so where your muscles are not being FED! A s-l-o-w digesting protein would be much better...alongside some extra amino acids. That's why we've invented Psycho's Sleep and GROW System. This protein system has been designed to provide the MAXIMUM 'bang-for-your-buck' before you go to ensure your muscles are fed throughout the you RECOVER, repair and you sleep! FIRST up: arguably the slowest-digesting protein out there. Yes, Micellar Casein, from cow's milk. This stuff expands in your stomach, and so is released you a powerful supply of muscle-building amino acids and protein throughout the night - whilst you sleep!  This protein is ideal for before bed. But this is only the first part... As mentioned - you need a slow-digesting protein to 'work its way' into your muscles as you sleep. But we've also added egg white protein too. Egg white protein is a medium-pace protein. It's an excellent 'recovery' protein (making it ideal for sleep), but also will digest at a relatively slow pace (although not as slow as miscellar casein). So, you've got the slow-paced micellar casein, alongside the medium-paced 'recovery-based' egg white protein. But there's more... We've also added Psycho's L-Glutamine. Perhaps you've heard of Glutamine. It's known as THE amino-acid responsible for recovery. Many people love it when it comes to helping them recover.

One scientific study - involving seven men and four women - did find a small increase in protein synthesis when supplementing with L-Glutamine ('Protein Synthesis' is basically when your body starts building new muscle). (source 1).

So, we've added L-Glutamine to the mix too...

But there's still more!

We've also added our legendary 'Targeted' BCAAs into the system.

These BCAAs - 'Branched Chain Amino Acids' - are the KEY to muscle growth, and you can't really get enough of them if you want to grow. We've added an EXTRA dose to Sleep and Grow we're covering every angle here!

- You get the slow-digesting Micellar Casein protein...with 85% protein content...

- You get the medium-digesting egg protein...known for its excellent amino acid profile and recovery-generating mechanisms...

- You get added L-Glutamine for better recovery and REPAIR...

- You also get an EXTRA dose of targeted BCAAs for growth!

That's everything you really need to rest, recover and GROW during sleep!

Everything you need comes in a handy 2KG tub of Psycho's Sleep and Grow Big System...

What's the price?

It's not cheap, but bear in mind that a 2KG tub - if you use one 30g serving per night - will last you over two months. And that's if you used it every day.

The price is £39.95 for a 2KG tub.

As mentioned this tub should LAST - since you only need to use it once per day. And if you used it on training nights, you'll only be using it a handful of times per week. That stated, this price is STILL a 'psycho-mad' bargain!

Try Psycho's Sleep and Grow Big System today! Simply choose your flavour and you're away!


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