Psycho's Purest 100% 'Fresh-From-The-Dairy' Whey Protein Concentrate


Psycho's Purest 100% 'Fresh-From-The-Dairy' Whey Protein Concentrate

    100% PURE Whey Protein Concentrate - NOTHING Else Added Or Taken Away! Yes, it's FRESH from the dairy!

    Had ENOUGH of not getting TOTALLY pure whey? Then read on and discover our 'Fresh-From-The-Dairy' whey...and discover the amazing 'psycho-like' price we're offering it for today!

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100% PURE Whey Protein Concentrate - NOTHING Else Added Or Taken Away! Yes, it's FRESH from the dairy!

Had ENOUGH of not getting TOTALLY pure whey? Then read on and discover our 'Fresh-From-The-Dairy' whey...and discover the amazing 'psycho-like' price we're offering it for today!

Read on!


FRESH From The Dairy!

100% Whey Protein Concentrate With NOTHING Added Or Taken Away - Could Be It Be The UK's *Purest* Muscle-Building Whey Protein?

Let me introduce you to what we believe is THE purest muscle-building WHEY in the whole of Europe!

What's more, stay tuned and we are going to make you an irresistible offer to show you how good our products are - right here today, with our 'Fresh-From-The-Dairy' 100% Whey Protein Concentrate.

But before I tell you more about this great offer (and the unheard of price we're offering our whey for) -

Let me tell you about this unique 'fresh-from-the-dairy' whey!

A little background: the market for whey protein is now VERY competitive online.

And that means one thing: companies are cutting corners.

Some are adding garbage protein to their so-called 'whey'. Others are selling whey which isn't even whey at all! Others add weird 'substitutes' so they can claim their product is better than it is...

This all lead us to scream:

Just give us some 100% 'Fresh-From-The-Dairy' whey will ya'!


This is really what REAL muscle-building body-builders want.

Nothing else. No 'extra' amino acids or chemicals added.

Not even an 'agent' to make it mix more easily!

And that's what we're writing about here today...

We wanted to 'get' for you THE purest whey out there.


That means it's ONLY whey...with absolutely nothing else.

Heck, even many of the online 'pure' whey sellers STILL add 'mixing agents' and the like to their products (makes it easier to mix).

But we didn't even want that added either.

We wanted our whey to be - literally - like it had just come out of the dairy.

CREAMY. PURE. 100% Whey.

And absolutely nothing else!

And that's exactly what we're offering here today:

Now, a little back-story here...

Whey is produced all over the World, from American to Australasia, but in our opinion – Europe is about the best place to get high quality whey.

Here at, we ‘scoured’ the best dairy companies in Europe…’hunting’ (Psycho-Style) in three of Europe’s top whey producing nations…and settled on one particular company.

They are long-established. With an outstanding track-record, and with a huge financial backing – meaning they don’t cut corners like some other whey producers.

They produce the best quality whey we could find - and it's TOTALLY PURE.

NOTHING added.

Not even a 'mixing' agent to make it look nice and smooth.

This stuff is as PURE as you can get!

How it's made: They use top quality sweet cheese whey as the 'raw ingredient' to make our whey. The sweet cheese whey that's used to make our protein powder is already loaded with high quality amino acids, proteins and 'growth factors' that are ready to give you outlandish, psycho-like results.

It's then 'filtered' down to the molecular level…using a specific temperature and hydrostatic pressure gradient…which precisely filters out all the redundant (cr*p) stuff, leaving us with the purest protein (which gets YOU the best possible results.) which is frankly LOADED with growth factors and amino acids to give you the results you want.

We take out the crap…and give you the muscle-building and body-transforming PURE-WHEY-MEAT!

All this fancy manufacturing ensures the whey product we are giving you comes out as PURE as possible.

The result is a PURE Whey Protein Concentrate, with a minimum of 80% protein on a dry basis. You get a whopping 24g of protein per 30 gram serving – that’s a full 80% protein content. Of pure Whey. 100%. Nothing else!

This is NOT a blend!

Now, as we hinted at before - many online companies are now blending their whey with other stuff. Or, adding 'mixing' agents like Soy Lecithin to it.

Nothing necessarily wrong with this.

But that's NOT what this is about.

Our Psycho Whey is PURE 100% WHEY without even so much as a 'mixing' agent!

Nothing else! No added this or added that. ZERO other proteins - EXCEPT WHEY!

Fact is, it takes a massive 35KG of sweet cheese whey to actually produce just 1KG of Psycho Protein Whey Protein Concentrate! Such is the purity of protein and concentration we insist on – and it’s worth it to get this highly-concentrated protein that can transform your body and let you wreak havoc in the gym.

(Even though we go through 35KG of sweet cheese whey just to get you 1KG of Psycho’s 100% Pure Whey Protein Concentrate…we believe it’s worth it to get this highly-absorbable and pure level of protein with high-levels of muscle-building nutrients).

Here’s a quick ‘diagram’ to show you a rough-outline of how our Psycho’s Whey is made – from start to finished product. Take a look…


The result: a seriously high-quality 100% whey protein, absolutely LOADED with quality ‘amino acids’ and GROWTH FACTORS that will help you build serious muscle, and lose the fat!

Yes, our whey is chocked-to-over-loading with TOP QUALITY AMINO ACIDS.

In case you’re unaware, ‘amino acids’ are where the rubber meets the road when it comes to your training. People only take whey because of the amino acids it contains.

And what are amino acids?

Let us explain…

When you are training and looking to build muscle, your body ‘looks for’ amino acids. You see, these amino acids arethe building blocks of muscle-building and recovery and GROWTH.

Without amino acids, all is lost. They are the KEY to your results. (There are many different amino acids – such as L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Arginine and plenty more – all of which work to help you build muscle and repair and recover).

So what is the ‘amino acid’ content of Psycho’s Best 100% Whey? Well, we’re glad you asked – as we have one of the BEST amino acid profiles you’ll find with any other protein – online, or offline in an expensive high street store!

Remember – these are the ‘building blocks’ of your training. These amino acids are what help you grow new muscle. They help your body recover…and repair. And our Psycho’s 100% Whey Protein Concentrate is FULL of them!

And that means it's totally 100% Whey - we added ZERO soy in any form!

(Please note that for flavoured options then obviously there is the addition of the flavour!).

But a word of WARNING here too...

You see, because we add absolutely NOTHING else to our whey, it does NOT mix as easily as some other products.

You will need a shaker to mix this up. It's not the kind of whey you can mix with a spoon. Why not? Because it's fresh-from-the-dairy, that's why! As this stuff is SO PURE, bear in mind it may not 'mix up' as easily as a supermarket brand full of cheap chemicals. OK?

Don't get me wrong though...

It still mixes VERY nicely. But if you're used to artificial wheys, or wheys that use mixing agents, it may take a bit more of a shake.

Just realise that this is BECAUSE it's so damn pure and 'fresh-from-the-dairy'. OK?

So let’s wrap this up: Psycho’s 'Fresh-From-The-Dairy' 100% Whey is one of the best proteins on the market, full stop.

But when you also consider we have the lowest prices in this industry – by some way – then it’s an absolute NO-BRAINER NOT TO TRY IT FOR YOURSELF!

Yes, we have MAD, ‘Psycho-Like’ pricing!

Despite the amazing quality, and the 'stack' of aminos in every scoop...and despite the fantastic PURITY that you won't find anyhwere else...the price for our 100% Pure 'Fresh-From-The-Dairy' Whey is just £15.99 per KG – and that’s FLAVOURED too!

This price is low for the value you get because we don’t have huge overheads. Our website is clean and basic. And we don’t have the vast costs to contend with like other big protein sellers.

And one more reason…

Finally – we don’t mind making less money on our protein, as we want to build a long-term relationship with you.

We want you to try this for yourself and see how good it is – so you end up coming back for more ‘on the regular’! So, by pricing low, this is our way of getting you to try us out…so you too will become a member of ‘Team Psycho’ who ultimately becomes a life-long customer.

And that means one thing: a VERY good offer for our best, purest Psycho's 100% 'Fresh-From-The-Dairy' Whey Protein Concentrate.

What about it?

You know that whey protein is the KEY to building more muscle and getting the physique you really want. Well, today – our Psycho’s 100% Whey can help you get there more easily and more quickly – and it can do so at a great price that won’t drain your bank account.

A final word - about our FLAVOURS…

No joke – but our flavours are truly MILKSHAKE-GOOD. (That’s what we like to say, anyway). We’d urge you to try them for yourself. Once you’ve chugged one of these down, we’re betting you’ll be rapidly asking for more! Our flavours are so good - people wonder if there must be a catch as to why something so healthy and good for you could taste so damn good. But there's no catch. Our flavour technologists worked for years to 'fine-tune' our flavours to this most highly-evolved 'mikshake good' level of taste. Try one. You'll see for yourself and be blown away.

Of that, I'm sure.

You can choose your flavour from the drop-down box above – Crazy-Good Chocolate Cream, Very-Good Vanilla, Bonkers-Good Banana, Psycho’s Strawberry Cream – or just the unflavoured option. Your choice entirely.

NEW! Just added! Two new flavours - Chocolate Mint, and Cookies and Cream - two NEW super-tasting flavours. These are now available using the drop-down box at the top of this page.

So here's what to do next:

Simply scroll to the top of this page and choose your flavour and the amount of Psycho's Purest Whey you want (you can choose 1KG, 2KG or 4KG).

One word of warning: once we’ve paid our bills, we’ll probably LOSE money at this price. But it's worth it so we can break into your life and show you what we can do - and how good this product really is.

So don’t delay, as we aren’t sure how long this offer will stay open. So grab it today whilst this great offer still lasts. Don't delay and miss out! Hit the red ‘Add to Cart’ button above and get yours today. While it lasts!

Order some Psycho’s 100% 'Fresh-From-The-Dairy' Whey for yourself right NOW.

Become a True Gym-Psycho – today! Hit the ‘Add To Cart’ button at the top of this page and you’re away…

Hannibal Kruger's (Head Psycho) Recommendation on What DOSAGE To Use:

Our Head Psycho ('Hannibal Kruger') recommends 2-3 servings per day. Each serving should be 25-30 grams.With each 30 gram serving, you get at least 24 grams of PURE PROTEIN.

Take 3 servings per day - and that's a whopping 72 grams of PURE PROTEIN per day! Take 2 servings per day for 48 grams of PURE PROTEIN per day!


Complete Ingredient List For This Product: Whey Protein Concentrate - and absolutely nothing else. Note that flavoured varieties including flavouring (with sucralose)

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