Psycho's Pure Hemp Protein - Super Deal!


Psycho's Pure Hemp Protein - Super Deal!

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Did you know that you can make protein from the Cannabis plant? And not only can you buy it legally, but it’s also damn good for you!

Hemp is a 100% plant-based protein. It's ideal for vegetarians and vegans, or for people after possibly the most 'natural' protein supplement there is.

Hemp is a ‘complete’ protein. That means it has the essential amino acids you need to grow muscle, or prevent muscle break-down, without needing to add anything else to it.

But hemp also contains important essential fatty acids. Ever heard of Omega 3 fats? These are the ‘good fats’ you often hear the geeks talking about. Basically, most people’s modern-day diets lack Omega 3 fats, and it’s thought that this ‘deficiency’ can lead to all sorts of problems.

Well, Hemp contains a bucket-load of these GOOD Omega-3 Fatty Acids...which the geeks tell us can fight off inflammation in the body and speed up any servicing and repairs it has to make. Don’t be surprised if your energy levels increase too.

One study we’ve seen suggests hemp protein is more easily absorbed than soy protein...AND that its amino acid profile is also top-notch.

So your body absorbs it easily, and it’s FULL of ‘good stuff’...including all important protein that you need for muscle repair and growth.

Hemp protein is also known to be a ‘hypoallergenic’ protein. In English, that means it’s less likely to cause allergic reactions in most people. Or, in other words, most people’s bodies seem to like it.

There are other benefits to Hemp too. For example, it’s loaded with anti-oxidants. These are the things that prevent ‘free radicals’ from damaging your body. (Most ‘good’ foods like vegetables and berries contain loads of does hemp).

In fact, for a complete breakdown of what's IN our Psycho's Hemp Protein...check out our 'Certified Datasheet' below:

How it breaks down:

That's just 113 calories per serving of 30g - and a full 15 grams of pure protein in each serving! AND, there's only a few grams of carbs per serving.

High in fibre too...

Finally – our hemp is high in fibre, which keeps you regular.

Psycho’s ‘Da Weed’ Complete Hemp Protein is sourced from mainland Europe, from one of the World’s largest suppliers of hemp protein, who know this protein and how to best cultivate it.

It contains a whopping 50% protein and is LOADED with other great stuff too!

It mixes well with your smoothie, drink, or other food-stuff with a nutty-type flavour that you will enjoy downing.

It’s cheap too – in-line with the rest of our ‘Psycho-like’ prices!

If you’re vegetarian, or don’t ‘react’ well to other proteins, or just want to try a different protein altogether, then we highly recommend giving our hemp protein a try!

Your price is probably the lowest Hemp Protein price you will find on the entire Internet. Why?

Because we are launching our 'PsychoProtein' brand online, so are trying to get the word out. We've chopped the price down for this Special Internet Deal. In fact, your price is just £14.99 for 1KG, and the more you buy the more you save!

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Hannibal Kruger's (Head Psycho) Recommendation on What DOSAGE To Use:

Our Head Psycho ('Hannibal Kruger') recommends 2-3 servings per day. Each serving should be 25-30 grams. With each 30 gram serving, you will be getting 15 grams of PURE PROTEIN, plus lots of other 'good stuff' that comes with hemp protein.

Take 3 servings per day - and that's a whopping 45 grams of PURE PROTEIN per day! Take 2 servings per day for 30 grams of PURE PROTEIN per day!

Complete Ingredient List For This Product:

This products contains:

100% Hemp Protein Powder - with nothing else added or taken away.