Psycho's PUMP Monster Capsules

Psycho's PUMP Monster Capsules

    Ready to get the best PUMP of your life? If you want your muscles to BLOW up and if you want to feel them filling with blood with every single rep in the gym...then we'd urge you to try these breakthrough 'Pump Monster' capsules.

    Read on and you'll see what we mean!

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Ready to get the best PUMP of your life? If you want your muscles to BLOW up and if you want to feel them filling with blood with every single rep in the gym...then we'd urge you to try these breakthrough 'Pump Monster' capsules.

Read on and you'll see what we mean!

Ready For The Ultimate 'Psycho-Like' Pump? Then You've Love This!

If you the best pump you've ever had in the gym...if you want muscles that balloon up, veins that pop out like popeye, and if you want to feel every damn muscle FILLING with blood with every single repetition you perform in the made it to the right place.

Look - we all love the feeling of THE PUMP when working out. Yeah...I'm talking about the blood rushing into your veins and muscles.

But: how do you get the best pump you've ever had?

That's why we've sat down to write this letter tell you more about The Pump Monster.

Rather corny name, we know.. But keep reading and we'll tell you more about how this could give you some of the best pumps - and best workouts - you've ever had in your life.

The goal: find, source, and 'deploy' the best ingredients out there for generating WILD muscle pumps...and put them all into one SUPER 'Psycho-like' capsule.

The result: the Psycho PUMP Monster!

Alright, so what's in this stuff that can help you generate the best 'pumps' - and the best workouts - you've ever had?

First up...

We've used our traditional and highly-regarded L-Arginine. It's made for us by one of the World's leading manufacturers...and it's gotten rave reviews from our customers.

In case you don't know - studies show that when you take L-Arginine powder, a process called 'vasodilation' occurs. This is a clever word for saying that your blood vessels widen and open up...letting more blood flow more easily into every sinew, and every muscle of your body.

As everything 'opens up', blood pumps around your body. Yes, you feel your entire body 'open up', as it becomes engorged with more blood...and you'll feel a far greater pump in your workout.

As mentioned - this comes by way of 'opening up' the blood vessels (safely).

Up next...after adding our high-grade L-Arginine...

We add something called Citrulline Malate.

Most people have never heard of Citrulline Malate.

But amongst 'insiders' it's renowned as a PUMP MONSTER and pre-workout BEAST. Never heard of it?

It works by powering ATP (basically the energy source for your muscles), and studies show it can ramp up the amount of ‘power’ you wield in your workout.

This makes it ideal for pre-workout supplementation!

Actually this stuff is IDEAL for anyone in competitive sports, bodybuilding, or anyone who wants an EDGE in the gym!

It works to increase power – and also ensures you don’t get as tired as quickly when you are training.

Alright, this all sounds very glamorous..but what do the scientific studies say about it?

One study was done using a flat barbell bench press. Forty-one men did the bench press and they found that the number of repetitions they could crank out showed an increase when they took citrulline malate. In other words, they could bench press more with the addition of this supplement. In fact, they could do 59% MORE reps! (Source 1)

Citrulline Malate is thought to work in a similar way to 'opening up' your blood vessels, allowing everything to flow more easily.

Alright, so we've got BOTH Citrulline Malate and L-Arginine together.

But there's still more...

We've also added AAKG to the mix - L-Arginine Alpha Keto Glutarate

AAKG is similar to L-Arginine, but is manufactured to be more absorbable. 

The one big study we've seen analysed how 'AAKG' (as its known) affected exercise performance. And what they found was very interesting. In short, after supplementing with AAKG, there wasNO change in the guy's actual physiques...but supplementing with AKKG DID increase the guys' bench press results. In short, after supplementing with AAKG - they could bench-press MORE. That's not too shabby...and there was NOTHING else except AAKG that they used...and they got more power!

And then there's the PUMP... Some users of AAKG reckon it gives them more powerful, stronger and damn-well-PSYCHO-like PUMPS! Muscles and veins become engorged with blood more easily,a and they can feel every exercise like a shot across the chops. (In a good way, of course).

So that's THREE 'psycho-like' EACH capsule of Psycho's Pump Monster!

You get the high-grade L-Arginine, you get the Citrulline Malate AND you get the AAKG - that's three high-grade each and every capsule!

What dosage to take?

We recommend taking 7 capsules, 30 minutes before a workout. With 700mg in each capsule, 7 capsules is around 5g - more than enough to get what could well be the best pump of your life!

Try Pump Monster for yourself. We think you'll love the way it makes you feel...and the pump and energy it gives you when you work out.

Get ready for some INSANE pumps! I'm talking about muscles and veins popping out all over the shop. AND - the best workouts of your life!

Try Pump Monster today!