Psycho's Post-Workout Anabolic Recovery Agent

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Psycho's Post-Workout Anabolic Recovery Agent

    The ultimate 'AFTER-your-workout' formula - could this be THE best way to ensure you STACK ON serious amounts of quality muscle?

    Keep reading...and decide for yourself!

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The ultimate 'AFTER-your-workout' formula - could this be THE best way to ensure you STACK ON serious amounts of quality muscle?

Keep reading...and decide for yourself!

 The ultimate 'AFTER-your-workout' formula - try some today!

Is This The Ultimate Secret Key To Building Maximum Muscle In Minimum Time?


(And most people miss it!)


Are YOU missing it?

I’m talking about one of THE biggest ‘windows of opportunity’ there is to create outlandish muscle growth. Read on – and I’ll explain all about this ‘window’ most people miss it…and how, by using it, you can start packing on even more muscle than you ever have done before.

You see, many pro trainers and bodybuilders believe that the time right after you’ve finished your workout is the BEST time to use supplements...

Yet most people are doing this all wrong!

A little background: after you've undergone a heavy workout, your muscles are exhausted. Muscle fibres have been broken down and your body is ready -  it's primed - to take on extra nutrients to recover and rebuild itself.

This is when muscle growth really starts to happen.

This ‘window of growth opportunity’ has been hotly debated in training circles for many years.

But it’s safe to say that it’s now pretty much universally agreed that after your workout is one of the most important times to take supplements.

Now…if you're anything like us, when you finish working out, you probably hit your protein shake after a workout. Guzzle the damn thing down...

But here at we wanted to develop something – a special anabolic delivery ‘agent’ if you like - that would basically ramp up the power of protein shake after your workout.

The result: more explosive muscle growth, more quickly.

In short, we wanted to develop a product that would radically increase your chances of ‘growing like crazy’ ONCE you finish your workout…during this all important ‘window of opportunity’.

You simply ADD this to your whey shake AFTER you're workout...and reap the rewards!

So let me introduce to you Psycho’s Anabolic Recovery Agent!

Our goal was simple: once you’ve finished your workout, we wanted this supplement to help create that all-important ‘anabolic’ response when you need it most (just after the workout).

It would enable you to ramp up muscle growth. It would minimise tiredness. And increase RECOVERY too.

And I’m pleased to say that this Post-Workout Anabolic ‘Agent’ works SNYERGISTICALLY with our whey protein shakes to help with all this, in the all-important ‘post-workout’ period.

That’s right…

You see, our new Psycho’s Anabolic Recovery Agent works synergistically with your protein shake to add even more power to it - to get you even better muscle-building results - so that you can't help but put on the maximum amount of gains in the minimum amount of time.

Sounds very good – but the heck is IN this stuff?

So, OK – what’s in this stuff? How does the ‘magic happen’, as it were?

Well, the first ingredient we’ve included in this new Anabolic Recovery Agent is our own Psycho’s TARGETED branched-chain amino acids.

In case you don’t know: amino acids are the key ingredient in any protein that actually helps with muscle building. (No…it’s NOT actually the protein itself that builds muscles…it's the amino acids in the protein.)

You see, the KEY to ensuring you get maximum muscle growth after a workout is to make sure that you have an anabolic state.

It's only if you have an anabolic state that you actually will grow muscle, otherwise you might as well kick back…open a pack of popcorn...and watch damn ‘Emmerdale Farm’ like the rest of the couch potatoes in our great nation….

All that's happening is you're going in the gym, breaking down muscle by lifting weights and then not giving enough nutrients to rebuild and refuel – to get them to grow bigger!

What a total waste of time!

Are YOU guilty of this too? Many people training today ARE!

Fact is, if you don’t ‘feed’ your muscles the right kind of nutrients – especially after your workout - then you can end up with something the geeks call negative muscle protein balance.

Basically, you end with a situation where your muscles are breaking down instead of re-growing and getting bigger.

That's why it's so important to get those nutrients into your muscles to create that all important anabolic state.

And our Targeted BCAAs are the first nutrient you will want to take on board after a workout. BCAAs can help ‘ramp up’ human growth hormone (that’s the really good stuff responsible for huge gains).

It's not just body building either where these ‘targeted’ BCAAs help. Even in cycling races, a study concluded BCAA supplementation prolongs moderate exercise performance in the heat (Source 1).

But not all BCAAs are created equal. You see, our own Psycho BCAAs just the right ratio (2:1:1) for anabolic gains.

So this is the first ingredient we’ve added to our Anabolic Recovery Agent – and you get a whopping dose of 5 grams of these ‘targeted’ BCAAs to ramp up growth.

We've also added something called betaine...

Never heard of it? Don’t worry. Neither have a lot of people.

In its pure, natural form – it actually comes from beetroot. Yes, beetroot. But don’t let that put you off. See, PLENTY of studies done on its performance enhancing effects confirm how potent it can be – both for people looking to improve their physiques, and also for people playing sport.

Now, the key to muscle growth is something called muscle protein synthesis.

And one study done on betaine supplementation found that supplementing with Betaine (vs. placebo) “enhanced both the anabolic....profile and the corresponding anabolic...environment, suggesting increased protein synthesis.” (Source 2)

In other words – it can help ‘grow’ contribute to better protein synthese...meaning the potential of growing NEW muscle after your workout.

In fact, in this study, the average participant ‘grew’ 2.5KG of NEW MUSCLE!

Growth hormones exploded when these people added betaine to the mix! It’s anabolic, it can help grow new muscle…and…and…

And as a nice bonus – Betaine is also thought to increase strength and power – ready for your NEXT workout!

In one study on strength and repetitions for squats, researchers found “The number of repetitions performed in the squat exercise for BET (the group taking betaine) was significantly greater...”. (Source 3).

And it’s a similar story with bench-pressing. Some people reported explosive power and strength increases when using Betaine.

So there’s really TWO benefits here; the chance for it to help with growing new muscle…and it can possibly help with increasing your power too!

 (By the way studies done on betaine and endurance are also impressive – ideal for those of you competing in more endurance-type sports such as cycling, football or whatever else).

There’s more...

On top of that, we’ve included Psycho's high-grade creatine ethyl ester.

You probably already know about the power of creatine. The reason why it’s so popular is because it does work.

It can make you stronger, and that can lead to increased muscle gains. It also prevents muscle breakdown. And that’s very important after your workout – because you want to make sure your muscles grow and don’t break down any more!

So adding creatine to a post workout shake is a great idea.

And yes…we’ve also made sure this is creatine ethyl ester.

The belief here is that the 'ester' form of creatine is more easily absorbed - so this creatine will go straight into the damn muscle. In short, it will be vacuumed up more easily by the muscle – helping your strength and muscle mass to explode - as it rides into your muscle fibres straight after the damn workout

Dextrose? Yes, dextrose!

We’re also including simple dextrose, which is just a simple sugar. Why include this in a post-workout shake?


See, ONCE you’ve finished working out, you want to create an ‘insulin boost’ in your body, and you want to start replenishing your carb stores (for recovery).

As you may know, insulin is a hormone that can help build muscle.

What it does is simple: it effectively ‘shuttles’ the protein you drink right INTO the muscles of your body. Think of it as a delivery mechanism.

Bottom-line: you want some insulin after the workout to create the all-important anabolic response.

In addition, you will want to replace your energy (glycogen) stores right after a workout, ensuring you come back even stronger next time.

So we’ve included a generous helping of 13 grams of dextrose in this anabolic recovery agent – to release insulin into your body, and to damn-well ‘PUSH’ these nutrients straight into the friggin' muscle!

This should ‘beef’ up your muscles no end!

And one FINAL ingredient...

The final of these six ingredients is something called L-Glutamine . You may have heard of glutamine...

But generally speaking, it’s used more by elite level athletes rather than your everyday gym goer.

These elite-level pros use it to help their bodies RECOVER. I’m talking less aches, less soreness the day after…and hence the ability to come back even stronger!

You see, after a workout, your body is LOW on glutamine (exercise strips the glutamine out of your muscles).

In fact, it’s thought your glutamine levels drop between 20-40% AFTER you exercise!

It’s thought that because your muscles are low on glutamine after a workout...well, if it’s not replaced adequately, it can actually hinder the anabolic process.

So, you will do well to add some glutamine back into your body to ensure - once again - you give your body everything it needs to recover and grow stronger.

One particular study involved 7 men and 4 women, found that when supplementing with l-glutamine, there was actually a small increase in protein synthesis (i.e. the anabolic process) – which is exactly what we’re after.

We’ve included a whopping 5 grams of Psycho's purest L-glutamine (and that’s pure L-glutamine, 100%, no filler or added extras, nothing taken away).

Oh…and one FINAL ingredient…

And one final thing!

See, as good as all these anabolic recovery agent ingredients are…we also wanted to make sure that they are fully absorbed by your body!

Plenty of supplements do NOT get fully absorbed by the body. Which ain’t good. (IAnd that includes many of our competitor’s products, by the way).

So we’ve included some bioperine.

This is an ingredient which is PROVEN increase absorption of certain nutrients. So your body ‘vacuums up’ and absorbs the nutrients more easily if they are taken with bioperine. And yes – there are studies to proven this stuff really does work to help with absorption.

ZERO other supplements we see currently on the market include this extra 'absorption-helper' - we do here in Psycho's Anabolic Recovery Agent.

The end result!

Fact is, Psycho’s Anabolic Recovery Agent is IDEAL to take just after you’ve finished your workout. By taking it, you’ll be giving your body everything it needs to ensure rapid and outrageous muscle growth.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re an every-day gym goer, a serious body-builder, an athlete, a soccer player, or a sports man (or sports woman) – anyone and everyone can and will benefit from this Psycho’s Anabolic Recovery Agent.

And it’s so EASY to take this stuff. Just throw a scoop in your whey protein shake AFTER your workout…and you’re done!

Mix the two together…then watch out!

Your gains are likely to go up, up, up – you’ll be recovering more easily, you’ll notice yourself blasting through your personal bests…and you’ll be seeing more muscle, more quickly!

We’ve covered all angles here today with our Psycho’s Anabolic Recovery Agent.

In fact, if you use this then I can’t see how you can't grow more easily, and more quickly – it’s like having an unfair advantage over other gym-goers (but it’s of course totally natural and totally legal!).

This stuff can help you create that all-important anabolic growth. I’m talking about growth that makes you need new clothes, I’m talking about growth that makes people stop you and ask ‘what the hell happened to you?!’. Heck they might even ask what the heck you’ve been taking.

I’m talking about growth that makes people take a step back when you walk in the room.


So hopefully today, you’ve seen just WHY it’s important to ‘load up’ the body with nutrients after your workout. And now today, with Psycho’s Anabolic Recovery Agent, we’ve made it very easy for you to do this for yourself, to turn your body into an anabolic monster-machine.

But how much does this stuff cost?

The price is just £24.95 for 500g – and if you take the 25g dose, this will last twenty sessions. For most people, a month - or even longer.

To try it for yourself, simply hit the BIG RED BUTTON below, where you'll be taken to, where you can checkout quickly and easily. Try some today!


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