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Psycho's Extreme ThermoGenix

    The ultimate way to lean up and get down those pesky flabby bits - proven powerful ingredients to help you trim up fast!

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The ultimate way to lean up and get down those pesky flabby bits - proven powerful ingredients to help you trim up fast!

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Finally! Something That Actually WORKS To Help Manage Your Weight?

Dear Customer,

If you want to finally get rid of pesky excess weight, then keep reading today. We’ve got some very important news that could help you a lot.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You are training and working out, but still can’t seem to shift that damn-annoying fat from your bones!

Maybe you’re in that fortunate position where you’ve just got some fat left to strip...or maybe you’ve still got plenty way to go on your journey...

Either way, you’ve seen plenty of ‘weight loss’ stuff advertised, but deep down you know it’s probably a load of rubbish. But you can’t help but think there must be something to at least aid you in your quest to shed the fat.


Well – there IS something you do can. And today – we’re going to tell you exactly what…

You see, here at Psycho Protein we wanted to create the ultimate supplement that would combine all the best weight loss aids into one ‘perfect’ fat-burning pill.

You see, amongst the garbage that is all around us in the weight loss industry...there are certain proven ingredients that really do work to help you battle the fat.

And it’s these ‘certain’ ingredients can give you that EDGE when it comes to fat burning.

So, if you're on a diet you want a helping hand to burn up fat – to strip fat from your bones – these ‘certain ingredients’ can help.

But before I tell you more about these ingredients and how they can help you…

Let me tell you about another ‘diet pill’ FRAUD…

This one relates to the amount of ingredients in the actual ‘diet’ product.

You see, we've seen some online retailers that are offering just specks of ingredients in their ‘diet’ products. Sadly, this is total legal.

Here’s how it works: they tell you there are (for example) ‘raspberry ketones’ in their product. And there probably is! But it may just be 100 milligrams – never enough to have ANY effect.

The result is you think you’re getting a bargain, when in reality – you might as well swallow damn fresh air.

That’s why we wanted to ‘set the record straight’ as it were...and create the ultimate supplement combining proven weight loss aids in one fat-burning pill - with the RIGHT quantities of EACH proven ingredient - so they have the absolute BEST possible chance of helping you get rid of the fat!

We also wanted to MAKE SURE that we didn’t use any dangerous additives in our stuff.

SOME weight loss products (not mentioning any names) are flat out dangerous. We’ve even heard reports of liver transplants due to some crazy weight loss pill. (True).

Needless to say, we wanted to make sure that everything in our weight loss pill is completely safe.

We call it Extreme ThermogeniX because it's not only thermogenic (meaning it burns up fat) - but it's also ‘extreme’ because we've gone to the maximum dose of these proven ingredients – to ensure the best possible results!

(Whilst STILL ensuring it’s safe).

So what are these ingredients – and how can they help you burn up body fat?

The first is CLA powder. You've probably heard of CLA. It's one of the most potent fat burners known to man. It's in a lot of high-priced supplements – although often NOT in optimum amounts that really help burn up fat!

Fact is, CLA helps to burn up the fat on your bones. In fact, one scientific study by a group of ‘boffins’ found that CLA drops your body fat like a fat kid drops fruit.

They found and concluded: “Participants took either placebo (hydrogel) or CLA 0.6 mg, three times daily, as two capsules during meals, for 12 weeks. Body fat, measured using near infrared light, was significantly reduced in the CLA group during the study” (Source 1).

In short, it ‘targets’ body fat and helps you manage it much more effectively.

But here’s the thing...

You see, to be effective you need to really take at least 1.5grams of CLA per day. And here's the BAD news...

MOST ‘diet’ products we’ve seen include nowhere near this amount. But that's why – in Extreme ThermoGeniX – we’ve included a whopping 1.5 gram of CLA in each daily dose.

The next ingredient is one of the more popular weight loss ingredients at the moment: raspberry ketones. You might have heard of these. One reason they are popular is because people are getting results from supplementing with Ketones.

One study we’ve seen showed some evidence they may help your body process fat more effectively (source 2).

Now, to be fair we don’t believe you’ll get a huge effect just IF you merely take Raspberry Ketones alone. But in the case of Extreme ThermoGeniX we’ve given you a pure dose in a high quantity...and combined it together with our other proven ingredients to make it all work 'synergistically'.

Think of this as an ‘added bonus’ supplement. It's a synergistic ingredient that works with our other ingredients to make Extreme ThermogeniX the most powerful fat-burner on the market right now.


Caffeine, as you know, is in caffeinated drinks (like coffee). But it's also a potent thermogenic - which mean it can be used as a powerful fat-burning tool.

There have been plenty of studies on caffeine and how it can alter your metabolism.

On scientific study in the Journal of Applied Physiology talks about the effects of caffeine on your metabolism. Fact is, caffeine actually seems to increase your metabolic rate. (Source 3).

What this means is simple: the rate that you naturally burn up calories without having to do exercise, without having to go on a diet increases when you supplement with caffeine.

(And that’s exactly why we’ve included it here!).

The higher your metabolism, the more fat you naturally burn up (no matter WHAT you’re doing). Young teenagers, for example, have got a high metabolic rate compared to people over 40.

And caffeine can help increase this all-important ‘metabolic rate’.


L-Theanine is our next ingredient and this works potently alongside the caffeine (the previous ingredient).

L-Theanine is a stress-relieving and calming agent. And why is that important?

Well, if you’re like most of us, if you're trying to lose weight it's difficult to keep your mind focused on that goal and it's easy to get distracted. And you can ‘break’ at any time...and end up raiding the chocolate drawer!

That’s why the more relaxed you are – the more likely you’ll stick to your diet. And that's why we've included L-theanine as a kind of ‘mind-focus’ tool and calming agent, to ensure you stick to your diet.

It also works ‘synergistically’ with the caffeine – meaning when you combine the two together, they work powerful to raise your metabolism and keep you focused on losing weight.

And finally...

Finally, we’ve included an extra dose of Psycho’s Thermo Green Tea Extract.

Once again, green tea extract is well-studied and proven in weight loss circles.

You see, there’s something in the tea extract called ‘Catechins’. And these create a state in your body called diet-induced thermogenesis.

Sounds posh?

But it’s just a very geeky way of saying it helps burn up body fat. In short, it helps ‘push’ your body into a thermogenic, fat-burning state. That means it burns up more energy than it otherwise would.

And yes, this is PROVEN stuff once again...

For example in one proven scientific study, they found: “...there was an observed significant increase of energy expenditure, lowering of body weight, decrease in waist circumference...” (source 4)


So not only did people supplementing with green tea decrease body weight...but it even ‘targeted’ and slammed-down the 'abs' area of the people taking green tea extract. Of course - no guarantees here, but you can't argue with this powerful research either.

It’s powerful stuff...and once again, we’ve included a high dosage to give you the most powerful, fat-burning, ab’-targeting benefits.

We are hitting this from all angles!

You can hopefully see what we’re doing here. We’re making sure your fat has no place to go but OUT of your body!

You've got the CLA powder, the proven fat burner. You've got the ketones, one of the hottest products at the moment. You've got the L-theanine to calm you down, to make your mind more relaxed. You’ve got the caffeine to boost your metabolism. And you’ve got the green tea to target more fat and to get it the damn-well OFF your body.

And finally...we have also included BIOPERINE...

We have also included Bioperine. Why?

Well, this stuff is proven to boost absorption of nutrients in the body.

You see, when you take a pill, the brutal truth is that it’s not always that well absorbed. For example, it may end up getting sucked into your stomach and getting obliterated BEFORE you get the full benefits. All of which means, you won’t get the optimum results (which is typical of other products on the market).

And I hate to say it...but it's especially the case with most other products out there today. Because in the rush for profits, most other supplement retailers are basically are putting any old crap together.

And, one thing they don’t care about is absorption.

(As long as it's legal (or even if it's not legal!) - they don't care. They just want the cash in YOUR trousers).

But we've included bioperine here to make sure all the ingredients in Extreme ThermoGeniX are as absorbed at the greatest possible rate.

In one study, participants saw a 59% increase in absorption when using Bioperine!

So this final ‘cherry on top’ ensures all the nutrients are properly absorbed, giving you the best fat-burning effect!

So there we have it...

We've got all the best ingredients – all at maximum (but safe) fat-burning dosage – coupled with maximum absorption.

What else do you want from your fat burner?

The result is something we call Psycho’s Extreme ThermoGeniX. And we believe it’s the most powerful product out there today for helping to burn up pesky body fat.

Now to be fair, we're NOT going to say this will MELT FAT WHILST EATING CRISPS! Or anything like that...

...but what we are saying is this can definitely lend a helping hand to you as part of your weight-loss and ‘fat-burning’ program.

So who is Extreme ThermoGeniX for?

It's for anyone looking to burn up pesky fat! That could mean somebody who is just getting started and wants to ‘power-up’ their fat loss…

Or, it could be somebody who's competing professionally as a fitness model...and wants to get down to their most RIPPED ‘leaned-up’ best…

Either way this can help you achieve that – and help get you to your lowest genetic limit of body fat!

In other words, this is for everyone.

Anyone can benefit from burning up that last bit of it fat.

And so pretty much everyone who is training right now can benefit from Extreme ThermoGenix.

How much?

Well, unlike some other diet supplements on the market, this isn’t a cheap date. You see, we've not skimped on the ingredients here. They are all powerful, and are all sourced from leading manufacturers, at pharmaceutical-grade levels of quality.

The price for ninety capsules is £19.95 - and as you take three capsules per day, this will last for one month.

And to me that’s well worth it. The cost is equivalent to what you’d spend on a round or two at the pub. And what will you get out of that extra ‘round’ compared to what you’ll get from Extreme ThermoGeniX?

Because by using this fat-burner, you’ll enjoy seeing fat burn up in front of your eyes. You’ll ENJOY the extra looks you get on the street, the passing glances from the members of the opposite sex. And you’ll ENJOY the extra commentary from people that you know...about how ‘you've lost weight!’.

To us – that’s well worth less than twenty notes.

Try Extreme ThermoGeniX today...and get ready to burn up fat fast! Simply hit the BIG RED BUTTON below, and you will go to the website. There you can buy and choose how many bottles you want , and get started today with arguably the UK’s most potent fat-burner!


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