Psycho's Diet 'Weight Loss Whey' with L-Carnitine

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Psycho's Diet 'Weight Loss Whey' with L-Carnitine

    Lean Up - Destroy Fat - AND Add Quality Muscle To Your Frame! And the best part is that it tastes as good as a milkshake – with a ‘just-can’t-get-enough’ taste!

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Lean Up - Destroy Fat - AND Add Quality Muscle To Your Frame! And the best part is that it tastes as good as a milkshake – with a ‘just-can’t-get-enough’ taste!

Read on...and discover how our 'Diet Weight Loss Whey' can help you too!

How These ‘Proven-Powerful’ Ingredients In Our Diet Weight-Loss-Whey Act Like Fat Destroyers!

Lean Up - Destroy Fat - AND Add Quality Muscle To Your Frame!

And the best part is that it tastes as good as a milkshake – with a ‘just-can’t-get-enough’ taste!

If you want to look in the mirror and be REALLY pleased with what you see – then you need to try our Diet Weight Loss Whey Protein!

You see, Psycho’s Diet 'Weight Loss' Whey shake contains ‘proven powerful’ ingredients – all backed up with scientific research – that will help you get in the best shape of your life!

So what's in this damn thing then, guys?

The first of these 'proven-powerful’ ingredients in our shake is a pure protein blend.

We have added ZERO extra 'carbs' to this, instead focusing on almost PURE protein - ideal for cutting pounds! (To be exact: this is around 82% pure protein with ZERO added carbs, sugars or fats!)

You’ve no doubt heard how powerful protein can be when it comes to losing weight - and that's why this first component is so powerful, as our 'Weight Loss Whey' contains almost pure protein.

Fact is, protein can make you feel fuller for longer, and because of protein’s ‘thermic’ effect, it’s more likely to help you burn calories versus eating carbs.

But with our Psycho’s Diet Whey, we’ve NOT just included 'standard' protein in our shake. In fact – we’ve combined pure whey protein concentrate (the number one best-selling protein worldwide) with pure soya protein isolate – giving you a ‘1-2’ combination that gives you a superb amino acid profile.

It's the combination of these two high-quality proteins will give you a great ‘thermic’ effect that will help to burn up calories…no matter what you’re doing.

Check out the full breakdown of the protein content you're getting here...


That's a HUGE 24.6grams of PURE PROTEIN per 30g serving! And with less than 1g of fat and 1g of carbs!

And LESS than 110 calories!

Is it any wonder we call this stuff 'Weight Loss' whey?

With this kind of quality protein as your foundation, it's hard to see how any 'extra' weight on you is going to stick around for very long!

But there’s more…

We have also included another further powerful ingredient in our 'Diet Weight Loss Whey' that can help further accelerate your weight loss and help you burn up even more FAT.

This weight-loss ‘super ingredient’ is called L-Carnitine – and it’s about as close to a true fat-burner as you’ll find anywhere!

You’ll find L-carnitine in some of the very expensive ‘big brands’ in stores. There’s no doubt: it works. It can help you lose weight. (That’s why so many expensive supplements include it!).

But it IS very expensive. know us as 'Psycho' Protein...with mad prices and mad value. So we're includinga healthy dose of L-Carnitine in your Diet Weight Loss Whey...and have still managed to keep the price under control.

In fact, in EACH serving of this diet whey, you get 500 milligrams of L-Carnitine - that means each day, with two servings, you'll get a full gram of L-Carnitine - take three servings and you'll get 1.5g per day!

What’s so good about L-Carnitine then? Carnitine has been shown to improve the rate of fat oxidation (the amount of fat breakdown that happens in the body). (source 1).

In other words - it can aid weight loss!

When you combine this high protein content WITH a nice helping of L-Carnitine...well, you can see how potent this is.

Not only are you getting 82% pure protein...but that's 'stacked' by the very powerful fat oxidiser that is L-Carnitine.

It's a very powerful three-phase attack on your fat loss and muscle-building goals.

So you might be thinking that this is going to cost you a fortune...

Not so. For two reasons…

Firstly, we buy in huge bulk – allowing us to pass those savings onto you.

And secondly – we’re known as ‘Psycho’s’ here at psychoprotein…simply because we like to price low – to frankly ‘pee off’ our biggest competitors. They don’t like us. Because we are all about chopping into their hefty profit margins. But so be it. We’ll take the flack!

So your price isn’t the £29.95 you’d expect to pay from a ‘big brand’ for a 1KG pack of ourPsycho’s Weight Loss Whey…and that’s IF you could find one that can match these ingredients.

In fact – your price is just £23.95 for a hefty 2KG pack and that’s with FREE shipping – as part of this website only special offer today!

Alternatively, try 1KG for just £13.95 - or save 20% and try a whopping 5KG!

Our Weight Loss Whey Protein is ideal for YOU if...

- You want to lose weight and burn fat...

- You want to gain muscle whilst ALSO 'leaning up'

- You want to experience better health...

- You just want a tasty meal you can take anywhere that isn't JUNK food!

A word on our FLAVOURS...

We used some of the UK's top flavour technologists to develop our flavours. 'Standard' flavours weren't good enough. You see, we wanted our flavours to be......'MILKSHAKE' GOOD!

And by golly - they are! You'll love slurping down a Psycho-Diet Whey Shake! And you'll be in love with our Bonkers Banana flavour...or our Vicious Vanilla...our Crazy-Good Chocolate Cream, or our Slasher Strawberry cream. They all taste superb and will leave you clamouring for more-more-more!

NEW! Just added! Two new flavours - Chocolate Mint, and Cookies and Cream - two NEW super-tasting flavours. These are now available using the drop-down box at the top of this page.

Mixes easily too – just mix and drink!

All in all – this is a great shake, powered with proven-powerful weight-loss, and fat-burning ingredients that will help you get in the best shape of your life.

We’re convinced you’ll love Psycho’s Diet Weight-Loss Whey – and your body will too!

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Simply hit the 'Add to Cart' button and you're away. Order today. I think you'll like 'Psycho's Weight Loss Whey' - and the results it's going to give you!


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Hannibal Kruger's (Head Psycho) Recommendation on What DOSAGE To Use:

 Our Head Psycho ('Hannibal Kruger') recommends 2-3 servings per day. Each serving should be 30 grams. With each 30 gram serving, you will be getting 24.6 grams of PURE PROTEIN, plus a huge 500mg of the 'fat oxidiser' L-Carnitine with each serving.

Take 3 servings per day - and that's a whopping 73.8 grams of PURE PROTEIN per day!


Complete Ingredient List For This Product:

This products contains:

Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, L-Carnitine, flavouring with sucralose.