Psycho's Chocolate Diet Meal Replacement - Ideal Weight Loss Aid!

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Psycho's Chocolate Diet Meal Replacement - Ideal Weight Loss Aid!

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Less Calories. More Weight Loss.

Here at, we know that some of our customers are looking to lose trim down.

And it’s no great secret to say that one of the best ways of doing this is to eat less calories.

And that's where our Diet Meal Replacement can come in handy.

You see, with just 109 calories per 30gram serving, you can be sure that this is a great way to minimise your daily calorie intake.

Heck, even a 100 gram serving (a 'meal') will provide only around 363 calories. Take that a couple of times per day, and you can see how powerful this is when it comes to reducing down.

And unlike other 'meal replacements'...

This is NOT the SUGARY JUNK you get down your local supermarket!

Most 'meal replacement' products out there today are a JOKE.

And an unhealthy joke at that!


They are often loaded with 'nasties' and have poor quality (and low amounts of protein).

Not so here...

This is a quality meal replacement  with milled oats, the highest-grade weight-loss whey protein and soy protein isolate, and other ‘fat-burning’ ingredients that will help slay your belly and drop the weight quicker than a lying Politician’s approval rating.

Here’s why our meal replacement is so good:

It tastes great! Great Double-Chocolate taste – meaning you’ll actually look forward to drinking it!

It’s LOADED with whey protein and has a MASSIVE 30% protein content! Look – protein is the KEY to weight loss, and ours contains high-grade whey and soy isolates to get the job done. Approximately 30 grams of protein in each 100 gram serving. Take it twice a day to get an extra 60+ grams of QUALITY protein per day!

(We use some of the World's best protein as the core ingredients with our shakes - and protein is the key to faster weight loss as many studies show!)

  • Only 363 calories per 100g serving! Less than 2% sugar! And less than 6% fat! Yes, these numbers mean you're giving your body the best possible chance to lose weight...
  • Now with added L-Carnitine - a proven fat-destroyer to further accelerate fat loss.
  • Simply add water or skimmed milk - and you're done. Our 'instant mixing' formula makes it easy for you! You've got a nice chocolate cream flavoured drink you can take anywhere

This meal replacement is ideal for getting into shape quickly!

Finally – there’s the price!

Here at, we’re known for our mad low prices. And this is no exception. You can grab 1kg for just £9.95 – or go for 2KG (two bags of 1kg each) for only £18.95.

This has everything you need to start battling the weight – and it tastes great too!

Picture yourself losing serious pounds over the next few weeks. Picture yourself looking at the ‘new you’ in the mirror - as you slay the bulge using this QUALITY meal replacement!

It’s possible - with the RIGHT meal replacement!

Try our meal replacement shakes today – and let’s make it happen!

Hannibal Kruger's (Head Psycho) Recommendation on What DOSAGE To Use:

 Our Head Psycho ('Hannibal Kruger') recommends 100g of Psycho's Diet Meal Replacement used in place of a meal (ideally with water to minimise calories). Use 1-2 times daily. If you use this serving recommendation once per day, a 1KG bag will last 10 days.

Complete Ingredient List For This Product:

This products contains:

Finely-milled oats, soy protein isolate, dextrose, whey protein concentrate, l-carnitine and xantham gum. 

Chocolate flavouring includes sucralose.