Psycho's 'All-In-One' Ultimate Protein Mass Gainer

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Psycho's 'All-In-One' Ultimate Protein Mass Gainer

    The ULTIMATE Muscle Gainer All-In-One Protein-Creatine-Anabolic Formula In ONE 4KG Tub!

    Get a load of this...this formula is crazy-full of everything you need to start stacking on SERIOUS SIZE!

    Read on and you'll see what we mean!

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The ULTIMATE Muscle Gainer All-In-One Protein-Creatine-Anabolic Formula In ONE 4KG Tub!

Get a load of this...this formula is crazy-full of everything you need to start stacking on SERIOUS SIZE!

Read on and you'll see what we mean!

Quite Possibly The ULTIMATE Mass-Building All-In-One Supplement Online Right Now!

The Ultimate 'All-In-One' Whey Protein Powder For More Muscle, More Power and Strength and More Gains!

This ‘muscle-getting’ line-up is IMMENSE!

  • High-Grade Whey Protein Concentrate From Sweet Cheese Whey + Two Other Fast and Slow-Acting Protein Sources!
  • High-grade ‘psycho-pharma-quality’ 200-Mesh Creatine for power, muscle and better workouts…
  • High-grade, ‘pharma’ quality 2:1:1 Branched-Chain ‘Muscle-Getting’ Amino Acids…
  • ADDED Leucine – ‘The Most Anabolic’ Amino Acid Out There…
  • ADDED Glutamine – for faster and more ‘muscle-building’ recoveries after your workouts…
  • TWO Quality Carbohydrate Sources to Increase CLEAN CALORIES For Lean Muscle Gains!
  • And all with an AMAZING TASTE!

Are you ready?

Are YOU Ready To Get The Massive Arms, The Thick Back and The Shoulders That Look Like Basketballs?

Let me introduce you to possibly the most powerful, most complete, most total ‘all-in-one’ muscle-mass creating supplement online.

Seriously – you’re about to discover the BIG DADDY of the PsychoProtein line. It all stops here. This is IT…the big one. In short, this has EVERYTHING you need to start stacking on serious LEAN muscle in the next 30 days!

So kick back for five minutes now, and let the guys here at explain EXACTLY how it works – and how it’s going to help you grow serious new muscle!

A little background:

It all started when we realised many of our customers don’t want to take 101 different supplements to see massive gains in strength, power and muscle. Instead, they want an easy-to-take shake which gives them EVERYTHING (and which also tastes GREAT) they need in ONE deliciously-tasting shake.

More power. More strength. More recovery. And – most importantly of all – stacks of new, quality LEAN muscle!

Let’s explain exactly HOW this works (and what goes into it):

First up: we’ve concentrated on THREE protein sources…one fast-acting, one slightly slower…and one longer-acting. This way we’re covering ALL your protein requirements, from all angles. No muscle will be able to escape this infusion of muscle-building proteins!

First is our highly-regarded whey protein concentrate (with a HUGE 80% pure protein). We source this from one of the World’s leading suppliers….and it’s CHOCK full of growth-promoting, hormone-unleashing amino acid fractions that grow muscle. That’s the FIRST protein…and it acts super-quick, shuttling itself right into YOUR damn muscle.

Up next is soy isolate, with a massive 90% protein! This stuff is slightly-slower acting than whey, but adds further amino acids (the ‘building blocks’ of muscle) to your muscle-building goals. It’s very LOW fat and LOW carb too.

Final protein: MPC 85 from milk. This stuff is more slowly digested in your stomach. Which means it continuously PUMPS its muscle-getting amino acids into your bloodstream throughout the damn daymeaning you’ll get the effects continuously (even whilst sleeping if you take it before bed!)

This final protein ALSO had a whopping 85% protein content!

These three proteins are JUST THE START however!

Look – if you want to stack on sizeable muscle that makes everyone take notice and stare, you’ll also want to be adding QUALITY carbohydrates into the mix.

That’s why we’ve added finely milled oats (UK-sourced – from a leader in their field). Along with fast-acting maltodextrin (a quicker acting carb that’s used by elite and pro bodybuilders to get HUGE).

These two carbohydrates are CLEAN and will help form that basis of the ‘extra clean calories’ needed to add serious but LEAN muscle!

But then we REALLY put things into a HIGHER gear!

Oh boy! You're gonna' love what's coming down the pipe now!

You see, as mentioned before, we wanted to give you everything here; not just high-quality protein and carbs, but also EVERYTHING you need for huge increases in power, strength and lean-muscle mass that will get you ‘SWOL’…

That’s why we’ve also added 200-mesh creatine. This stuff is absorbable (due to its finer texture) and is getting RAVE reviews from our customers. Clinical studies on creatine in relation to weight-lifting show it BOOSTS your strength.

(In fact, FEW supplements have been studied as much as creatine.)

And that ‘strength increase’ you get from Creatine gives you greater potential for packing on quality muscle. Why? The stronger you are, the more you can lift, and hence the more muscle you can build! Simple!

In each daily dose, you’ll be getting 9g of our HIGHEST-grade ‘pharma’ quality creatine – enough to really FEEL the power and strength increase that Psycho’s Creatine truly gives!

Branched-chain aminos…

We’ve also added a BEEFY dose of pure Branched-Chain Amino Acids. Perhaps you’ve heard of BCAAs. They’re the BUILDING BLOCKS of muscle…and most often used by pro bodybuilders looking to accelerate lean muscle growth.
BCAA supplementation is also believed to help ‘ramp up’ human-growth hormones and affect testosterone levels.

Our BCAAs are 'targeted' with the correct ratio of muscle-building amino acids - a ratio which has been proven to give you the best muscle-building results.

And we’ve included a BEEFY dose once again!

But we’ve done something else here too…something extraordinary.

You see, we’ve ALSO added arguably THE most anabolic amino acid out there. It’s called Leucine.  When you take on L-Leucine, it acts like a trigger that sets off SPEED MUSCLE-BUILDING IN YOUR BODY.

Some people even call L-Leucine the ‘Anabolic Trigger’ because of its potential to help with muscle growth post-workout. It basically is THE #1 Amino Acid to help with growth (what the geeks call ‘protein synthesis’) in your trigger an anabolic EXPLOSION of muscle-growth!

Better recovery…

But look – as good as these ingredients are, once you’ve finished a good session at the gym, you’ll also need to RECOVER.

Good recovery is when your muscles GROW – but many athletes MISS this point entirely. That’s why the PROS take L-Glutamine. This amino can help muscles recover and even ‘grow’ immediately after exercise - by aiding with 'protein synthesis' (a posh way of saying it helps you body more easily take on protein after a workout).

Few, if ANY supplements you’ll find out there for building mass include L-Glutamine – but we DO!

Yes – we include high-grade L-Glutamine in each batch of Psycho’s All-In-One Anabolic Lean Gainer...


As you can see for yourself, this has simply EVERYTHING you need to start growing slab after slab of grisly, lean, eye-popping muscle. You’ve got the VERY high-quality, multi-threaded protein sources…you’ve got the CLEAN carbohydrates for adding raw bulk onto your frame…

…then you’ve got the pharma-grade PSYCHO creatine for rapid increases in strength, power and muscle…followed by the BCAAs for greater muscle growth…

You’ve got extra Leucine – also known as the ‘Anabolic Trigger’ – and then to top things off you’ve got pharma-grade L-Glutamine for better recoveries and muscle growth AFTER your workouts!

As started this is really EVERYTHING you need to start getting lean and big.
And we outright DARE you to find a competitor’s product with this quality, at this price. The big store brands you’ve seen – I doubt even they come close – and they are certainly nowhere near for the outrageous money they charge.

Today, simply get EVERYTHING you need with this remarkable product!

What's the price? Just £34.95 per 4KG! You will NOT find a better quality product for this price!

Once you get this gainer working for you - you'll start getting results you can notice in the mirror. Don't be surprised if your shirts start to get tighter.

And don't be surprised if other people start noticing you're 'bulking up'. That's what happens when you use a quality ALL-IN-ONE like this!

A word on our FLAVOURS...

We used some of the UK's top flavour technologists to develop our flavours. 'Standard' flavours weren't good enough. You see, we wanted our flavours to be...

And by golly - they are! You'll love downing this mass gainer! And you'll be in love with our Bonkers Banana flavour...or our Vicious Vanilla...our Crazy-Good Chocolate Cream, or our Slasher Strawberry cream. JUST ADDED! Now we also have CHOCOLATE MINT and Cookies and Cream too! They all taste superb and will leave you clamouring for more-more-more!

Simply choose the flavour you prefer from the drop-down box above.

How to Dose?:
We recommend 3 servings per day for the best possible 'mass-gaining' results. Simply add water or milk (milk is best as it will add even more calories into the mix), shake and drink immediately. Mixes easily in a shaker.

PS. Check out our reviews below - our customers are LOVING this stuff!