Psycho's 85% Everyday Value Muscle Protein


Psycho's 85% Everyday Value Muscle Protein

    Want an INEXPENSIVE protein? If you're on a budget, but still want a protein product which packs a WHOPPING 85% pure protein in each serving...check this out. The price is truly PSYCHO-MAD low.

    Read on and discover more!

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Want an INEXPENSIVE protein? If you're on a budget, but still want a protein product which packs a WHOPPING 85% pure protein in each serving...check this out. The price is truly PSYCHO-MAD low.

Read on and discover more!

Now You Can Build Muscle Every Single Day – Even If You’re Tighter With Your Money Than A Duck’s AR**!

With A WHOPPING 80% Protein…For Just £8 Per KILOGRAM – And with FREE Shipping!

Yes, really! Read on, and we’ll explain…

  • EACH Serving of just 30g provides a HUGE 24g of PURE PROTEIN!
  • Superb Amino Acid Profile=HUGE Muscle-Gaining Results!
  • Two scoops per day= 48g protein Per Day! Three scoops = 72g Protein Per Day!
  • Based on consuming two scoops per day – this 5KG tub will last for three and a half months!
  • NOTHING BUT Protein! No sugar, no carbs, no nothing else...but protein!

You already know that you NEED to get a certain amount of protein in your body every single day to hit your muscle and physique building goals.

Unfortunately, that usually comes at a cost!

Chicken breasts, protein shakes…you name it, you’re probably wolfing it down. But it all adds up, doesn’t it?

That why here at, we came up with an idea – to help the ‘average’ guy who is on a ‘muscle-building’ mission to get their daily protein at a serious discount!

Even if you’re tighter with your cash than a duck’s AR** - you’ll love this!

We call it Psycho’s Everyday 85% Muscle Protein

Our goal with Psycho's Everyday Muscle Protein is simple: to enable our more budget-conscious consumers to get ALL your muscle-building protein requirements every day – with a HUGE 85% protein product -  at the lowest possible cost.

Yes – here’s a product with the highest possible protein content…but with a budget-conscious cost!

So here’s what we’ve done:

We sought to combine three different, high-quality, high-protein ingredients together to create this Everyday 85% Muscle Protein.

The result is a protein with a massive 80% protein content - but at a cost of only £8 per KG!

We've combined two proteins together, whey protein - the big daddy which I'm sure you've heard of - and soy protein isolate from a vegetable source (using non-GMO) crops, which – when blended and ‘fused’ together – gives YOU a very powerful amino acid profile PURE PROTEIN that can help grow muscle like crazy.

And unlike so many store-bought proteins...this contains NOTHING BUT PROTEIN!

No sugars, no added carbs...this 'Everday' protein is NOTHING BUT PROTEIN!

What's more, Everyday 85% Muscle Protein not only has 85% protein by weight, but also has the best possible amino acid profile...

You see, the secret to the best quality proteins and to building muscle isn't the protein itself.

It’s actually the ‘amino acids’ in the protein that are responsible for how much muscle you grow – and I’m glad to say that Everyday 85% Muscle Protein is FULL of these ‘muscle-building’ aminos.

So as well as having 85% protein (and with NOTHING else added) you’ll also get stack loads of AMINO ACIDS in this protein – to ensure outlandish muscle growth.

For every 30 gram serving of Psycho's Everyday Muscle Protein, you'll be getting a whopping 24 grams of pure protein. That's a huge amount, and we dare you to find better value anywhere!

IMPORTANT: low fat also!

The other thing to note (and this is IMPORTANT) is that Psycho's Everyday 85% Muscle Proteinhas only two and a half grams of fat in each serving.

A lot our customers want to keep the amount of fat well as their 'carbs' low too...

Well, some other proteins you may find, whilst having ‘OK’ protein, may actually be laden with fat, poor-quality carbs, and other ‘nasties’

But the good news is that there's only two and a half grams of fat - and there's also only two and a half grams of carbohydrate - Psycho’s Everyday 85% Muscle Protein These are low, low figures as well, making sure you've got just as much protein as possible…with nothing else added!

In short:

  • - Very High Protein (85%!)
  • - Minimal Fat
  • - Minimal Carbs
  • - NO 'cr*p' added!
  • - Amazing price!

An astonishing value!

Seriously, this is probably the best value protein in the UK right now.

Here at, we are renowned for our ‘mad-low’ price and for frankly p**sing off our competition. And we believe that this is a true BARGAIN value!

You get a whopping 85% protein by weight, so every 30g serving provides 24 grams of protein. You also get it at an incredible cost. Instead of paying 80 pounds – or whatever rip-off pricing the so-called ‘big brands’ charge these days - for those of us on a budget, you can pick up a 5KG bag of Psycho’s Everyday 85% Muscle Protein for just £39.95!

What's more, we've also got six great flavours!

We've created six super flavours in conjunction with one of the UK's leading flavour technologists.

And these flavours have enabled us to create a protein product that tastes as good as a milkshake (or certainly in the same ball-park!). But all whilst giving you all the quality goodness of high protein at the staggering 85% level, along with the muscle-building amino acids that you need to generate huge amounts of muscle.

And by damn - our flavours taste milkshake-good! You’re really going to look forward to having one of these shakes!

You can choose your flavors from the drop-down box above.

If you're on a budget….if you want to just take on a nice amount of protein everyday withOUT the cost associated with other protein products…then I can't think of a better way to start than Psycho’s Everyday Muscle Protein.

You’re going to get all the protein your body will need for growing quality muscle, butwithout the high cost associated with so many of the overpriced products out there today. Order today, and try some for yourself today!