Psycho's '250' Egg White Protein (82%) Powder

Psycho's '250' Egg White Protein (82%) Powder

    250 eggs! Yes, that's how many eggs it takes to create just 1KG of Psycho's Egg White Powder...and to provide a HUGE 82% pure protein product...


    Read on and discover more for yourself!

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250 eggs! Yes, that's how many eggs it takes to create just 1KG of Psycho's Egg White Powder...and to provide a HUGE 82% pure protein product...


Read on and discover more for yourself!

250 Eggs...To Make Just 1KG of Psycho's Egg White Powder!

Could It Be The 'Perfect Protein'?

It's true!

It takes 250 eggs just to make 1KG of Psycho's '250 Egg' White Protein Powder ( case you hadn't realised...that's why we call it '250 Egg' Protein!).

And you'll get a HUGE 82% protein in each serving...that's over 24g of protein in each 30g serving. Stay tuned here today...and discover for yourself just why egg is such a great protein to take for lean muscle-building.

Why take egg white protein at all?

Here's why: egg white protein has actually been called 'The Perfect Protein', and this is for two important reasons...

Firstly: it has an excellent 'amino acid' profile. In short, it contains all the stuff you need to build serious muscle. Egg protein contains up to FORTY different types of protein...all in one powder!

It's chock full of the main 'branched-chain' amino acids required for muscle growth...and also high in the amino acids alanine, glycine, serine, threonine and valine. These further five aminos are very popular with bodybuilders looking to increase muscle size, strength and endurance...

Egg protein is also high in L-arginine - a great amino acid for your body and for your workouts, and also one of the amino acids that MAY stimulate the coveted 'growth hormone' in our bodies (which is responsible for all sorts of wonderful effects).

The second reason why it's been called the 'Perfect Protein' is because it's full of other 'great stuff' besides muscle-building amino acids. Eggs are rich in vitamins A, E, and K. They are also loaded with a variety of B complex vitamins for energy, and minerals like calcium, zinc and iron.

And it gets better...

Medium digestion speed...

Digestion 'speed' is a key element of proteins. The faster a protein digests, the better it is for after a workout! After a workout, you want to DRIVE the damn protein into the muscle. So, the faster it digests, the better. Whey is pretty much THE fastest-digesting protein out there...

But here's the thing.

Egg digests at a slower rate than whey - so it's ideal to take alongside whey. Why?

By using them together throughout the day, you'll be able to give your body more protein to 'munch on' throughout the day. For example, take your whey AFTER the workout (as it's quick digesting)...but because egg is is ideal to take at non-workout times - to give your muscles a steadier stream of all important protein and amino acids for growth. (For example, you could take it a lunch-time, if you're preparing for a workout later on in the evening).

Needless to say: egg white protein is completely gluten and lactose is ideal for people who struggle with lactose.

More reasons to love egg white protein...

It's very low in carbs, and very low in fat (obviously, the yolks have been removed from egg white the fat content is uber-low).

So it's a great 'lean-me-up' type protein.

How about our 'Psycho' egg protein?

Well, as mentioned before it takes a whopping 250 eggs to produce 1KG of this stuff. That's a helluva' lot of broken shells.

But it's worth it to get this 'Perfect Protein'...and by the way: our egg protein is a whopping 82% protein, and very low in fat and carbs!

The ONLY thing added is a touch of 'citric acid'...a substance that's widely used in the food industry to regulate acidity (otherwise it would likely taste foul).

Bear in mind that this is unflavoured protein.

We recommended adding it to other shakes (such as your whey) to get it working for you throughout the day, because of its LONGER digestion speed.

Alright, so how much?

Just £18.95 per KG...that's a VERY nice price given the quality of this egg white fact, it has the highest protein (at 82%) of any we've seen.

Try some today, and add it to your regime, fellow Psycho!



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