Psycho's 100% Creatine Ethyl Ester - Super Deal

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Psycho's 100% Creatine Ethyl Ester - Super Deal

    100% Pure 'Psycho' Creatine Ethyl of THE most absorbable creatines on the market!

    Read on and you'll see what we mean!

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100% Pure 'Psycho' Creatine Ethyl of THE most absorbable creatines on the market!

Read on and you'll see what we mean!

Could This Be The Best, Most ABSORBABLE Creatine There Is...And The Ultimate 'Strength-Producer'?

Look - most of us already know how effective Creatine can be for producing outlandish increases in strength, power and muscle...

But is there something EVEN better?

Enter Psycho's Creatine Ethyl Ester - which we developed as a more ‘absorbable’ and ‘bio-available’ form of creatine.

You may or may not know that Creatine isn’t particularly well-absorbed by the body. In fact, even with our own high-quality Creatine Mono, not all of it truly gets absorbed (and hence ‘used’) by the body.

Enter Creatine Ethyl Ester…

So, some time ago, some clever geeks came up with the idea of Esterifying Creatine. What does this mean?

This is a similar process to what’s used with pharmaceutical drugs. Basically, by Esterifying a substance, you make it more available to the body.

So it gets absorbed into your muscles more easily.

In English, that means your body finds it easier to use this kind of Creatine. The theory being…the more easily absorbed it is, the better your ultimate results (less ‘waste’ and better uptake by the body=greater results, pound for pound).

In addition, some people feel less bloated when taking this over standard Creatine Monohydrate.

But what are the REAL RESULTS?

Well – some people prefer this kind of Creatine over ‘normal’ Creatine. They find, personally, they get better results using it.

But other results are mixed. Some studies we’ve seen peg it at the same kind as usefulness as standard Creatine. But then we have customers who swear they prefer this, and get better results from it.

We say, try it yourself and find out. After all, we all react differently to training, nutrition and supplementation.

It’s only marginally more expensive than standard Creatine. If you prefer it and find your results improve whilst on it – great, keep on using it. If you don’t – no worries. Just go back to our standard Creatine!

How much?

Once again, in line with our ‘Psycho-like’ prices, we’ve cut the price to the absolute bone. We’ll make about as much profit on this as your newsagent makes on a loaf of bread. Not a lot.

But we ARE Psychos!

So your price is just £19.99 per KG.

NEW! Try our capsules if you'd prefer - simply make your choice from the drop-down box above...

Order today, and see what you think of the ‘World’s most absorbable’ creatine.

Hannibal Kruger's (Head Psycho) Recommendation on What DOSAGE To Use:

Our Head Psycho ('Hannibal Kruger') recommends 5g of Psycho's Creatine Ethyl Ester (about 1 teaspoon) added to water, fruit juice or your protein shakes. Use 1-2 times daily. After 8 weeks, take 1 week off then start again.

If you are using our capsules, take 5-7 capsules per day.

Complete Ingredient List For This Product:

This product contains:

100% High-Grade Creatine Ethyl Ester - with nothing added and nothing taken away.

Capsules contain pure creatine ethyl ester and gelatin capsule.

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