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It's Psycho Time (Pre-Workout)

    Two Guys Start Going To The Gym – A Few Years Later One Is Huge and Ripped – Whilst The Other Has Barely Changed At All!

    So what Made The Difference?


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Two Guys Start Going To The Gym – A Few Years Later One Is Huge and Ripped – Whilst The Other Has Barely Changed At All!

So what Made The Difference?


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Two Guys Start Going To The Gym – A Few Years Later One Is Huge and Ripped – Whilst The Other Has Barely Changed At All!

What Made The Difference?


STOP PRESS! Use DISCOUNT CODE '5' when you checkout to get £5 OFF!

Dear Fellow Psycho…

I want to tell you a story about two different guys – both doing their best to build muscle and to get in the best possible shape of their lives…

Actually, this ‘story’ starts a few years ago…

Now, these two guys were very alike in a lot of ways: both of them tried to watch what they eat ….both had learned all they could about correct ‘form’...and lifting and exercising properly.

Both of them were really eager to develop the best physique possible.

And – starting out – both had very similar physiques…

Fast forward a few years…

Now fast forward a few years – and whoa! There’s a BIG difference now between these two guys. The first guy still had a pretty okay physique…

In fact, he didn't look very much different than when he started. A lot of people even questioned whether he'd even gone to the gym very much at all!

But the other guy was ripped to the max.

We’re talking about a thick, V-shaped back, a small waist, huge bowling ball-like shoulders, biceps like pythons, forearms full of veins and all the rest…

The first guy barely got noticed; the second guy was like a God everywhere he walked.

What made the difference between the two?

One word: intensity.

You see, one of the BIG KEYS to how great your gains are in the gym is how intense your workout is. The more intense the workout, the more muscle you will grow. It’s that simple.


It all relates to how real muscle growth happens. You see, muscle growth does NOT happen in the gym. It happens AFTER the workout. It’s simple…you lift weights, and that ‘heavy lifting’ breaks down your muscle tissue.

Then, AFTER your workout, your body starts to repair – and it does this by ‘growing back’ your muscles larger than they were before (to cope with the extra demand).

The bottom-line is this: the more intense your workout is, the more you break down your muscles, and so the bigger they will grow back.

This is why, the more intense the workout is, the more growth you will get. The more intense you go, the more your muscle fibres get broken down…and that means bigger muscles for you.

But the key to all this is intensity.

If you go intense - if you ‘Go Psycho’ - then you'll get much better results than the guy that just comes in, clunks the weights around without much intensity, then goes home.

The big question is how do you get more intense? How do you really ‘Go Psycho’? I mean, how do you go really intense in your workouts…to create the maximum amount of muscle breakdown and hence muscle growth?

The secret is simple: it's in having an amazing pre-workout shake that will ‘push’ you to the max…giving YOU the most intense workout possible for your body.

But there’s a problem…

You see, most pre-workout products that you've probably seen aren’t very good at all.

Two problems with most of ‘em…

Firstly, most of them use miniscule amounts ‘ingredients’.

So although they might have effective ingredients, the ingredients used are only in minuscule amounts – meaning WEAK effects when it comes down to hitting the weights in an intense way.

And secondly: many of the current ‘offerings’ have bog-standard ingredients – which whilst ‘just OK’, won’t give you the best workout of your life.

In fact, most of the pre-workouts we’ve seen on the market would barely have an effect on a newborn baby never mind a fully grown man wishing to go psycho in the gym!

But today – that’s about to change!

Because here at Psycho Protein we’ve finally created the ultimate pre-workout supplement - one which will enable anyone (including YOU) to blast through your session with such intensity that it is going to be impossible for you NOT to create huge gains in musculature.

I'm talking serious gains here that will make people look (and stare).

Fact is, we’ve blended together five of the most proven powerful pre-workout supplements into what we call the ultimate pre-workout supplement. We simply call it…

It's Psycho Time!

There’s nothing ‘mysterious’ or ‘magical’ about this product though.

We’ve just seen to it that we’ve got the exact right ingredients in the right quantities – without the ‘watering’ down you get with many other pre-workout supplements.

The result: the creation of such intensity in your body that you can’t help but have a fantastic, muscle-trouncing workout that just makes you grow like you're on something!

The first ingredient that we've included is Citrulline Malate.

Citrulline malate is one of the hottest new supplements out there today. It works by powering ATP (basically the energy source for your muscles), and studies show it can ramp up the amount of ‘power’ you wield in your workout.

What do the scientific studies say about it?

One study was done using a flat barbell bench press. Forty-one men did the bench press and they found that a number of repetitions showed an increase using citrulline malate. In other words, they could bench press more with the addition of this supplement. In fact, they could do 59% MORE reps! (Source 1).

It's thought to work by boosting the energy in your muscles – and it also is thought to boost nitric oxide production (the stuff that gives you that insane PUMP feeling in the gym).

In EACH dose of Psycho Time you get a whopping five grams of citrulline malate – more than enough to feel the effects of this hot supplement.

On top of this, we've also included something called beta-alanine.

Beta-alanine is fast becoming one of the go-to supplements for professional and ELITE level athletes.

The studies done on it show it increases muscular endurance. So, you can go harder for longer – which is very important when trying to ramp up the intensity, to hit those muscles as hard as possible.

In short - it's a bit like having a workout extender...and here's the really important thing about that.

You actually GROW at the hardest part of your workout! It's true. You get the most benefit from your training WHEN IT'S AT ITS HARDEST.

When you are working out at your highest intensity, when your muscles and your body are screaming...when it feels like a Psycho has your private parts in a vice...THEN Beta-Alanine comes to the rescue and lets you push that bit more. And that's when the really big gains can happen...

Bottom-line: Beta-Alanine can help you get more intensity and endurance WHEN IT COUNTS - so you get MORE muscle breakdown and ultimately MORE muscle-growth, and greater training results across the board.

In one study they found "…beta-alanine supplementation can significantly improve muscular endurance during resistance training in experienced resistance-trained athletes." (Source 3).

Basically the guys in the study could get more reps AT GREATER POWER.

And we’ve COMBINED citrulline malate WITH beta-alanine.

And that’s the glorious thing here…

You see, by combining the two together - both citrulline malate and beta-alanine – well, these two bad boys are going to make you go longer and harder than you’ve ever done before!

They’ll both work together to create the most intense, muscle-building workout of your entire life. With gains you’ll really be able to see.

But there's more…

We've also included caffeine. You know about caffeine, I’m sure. But few people really know how useful it can be when exercising.

Fact is, caffeine increases energy availability (so it makes energy more readily available when working out). It decreases fatigue and makes you more alert. It also decreases the sense of effort you feel when you are working out (source 4).

This is HUGE. Why?

Because if you take some caffeine on board, not only does it seem like you're lifting a bit less, but it also enhances your actual physical performance as well. (And yes – as we all know, caffeine will also make you that bit more sharp and alert).

So we also add a SAFE dose of caffeine into this mix...

Up next...Taurine…

The next ingredient we've included is something called taurine. You might have heard of it already.

You can find it in energy drinks – but usually in minuscule and PATHETIC quantities. In our Psycho Time pre-workout however, we've included a whopping 3 grams – still a safe amount, but ensuring it hits you with the full effects right between the damn eyes!

One study on Taurine found:

“...the change in taurine concentration showed positive correlations with the changes in exercise time to exhaustion and maximal workload.” (source 5)

In everyday English: it boosts the amount of time until you get knackered and boosts the amount of ‘work’ you get done in the gym (or on the field, in the pool etc.).

Taurine is basically an energy booster. Combine it with caffeine – and watch out! When you combine these two ingredients together in the right quantity (as we do in Psycho Time), then expect serious results – more focus and energy, more time until you wear down, and all around psycho-ness in the gym that will translate into greater muscle-building results.

And one final ingredient…

Finally, we've included something L-tyrosine. When we first heard that the military had been using this 'stuff' on soldiers – then we got VERY interested in including it in Psycho Time (I mean if it’s being tested on combat soldiers – we really wanted to know more about using it in our pre-workout!).

One study in combat personnel found that it useful for handling stress and recommended that – “tyrosine should be evaluated in a variety of acutely stressful situations.”

So how does L-Tyrosine work and what does it do?

Well, it's more of tool to counter stress and to boost cognition that works upstairs on your noggin’. You see, like it or not, when you work out your body and brain is put under stress. So L-tyrosine works to counter this…whilst also giving you a mental boost. And why is that important? Well, the sharper you are in the gym – the better.

Think of the L-Tyrosine as a kind of ‘cherry on top’ here.

The other ingredients in Psycho Time work to boost physical performance – but L-Tyrosine helps boost your mental performance as well.

It will ensure you're more focused on your workout (instead of thinking about what you’re going to be having for dinner later). It will give you greater attention in the gym. It will help lower any feelings of stress and keep you more focused on the task at hand – throwing weights around like an out-of-control psycho gorilla!

This is a great way of nailing down and staying focused on the task at hand and making sure you get, again, maximum intensity out of your workout.

(By the way – applies equally whatever sport you’re involved with…whether that be cricket or football, swimming, cycling, or whatever else).

So WHO is Psycho Time for exactly?

...Anyone hitting the gym

...Anyone exercising regularly (it doesn’t just apply to lifting weights!)

...Anyone playing sports – football, swimming, running…whatever

...Anyone looking to get the best workout of their life!

...Anyone looking to get THEIR BEST POSSIBLE PHYSIQUE!

The Ultimate Pre-Workout Supplement…

So hopefully now you can see just WHY Psycho Time is so powerful.

We’ve combined all these  ‘killer’ ingredients together – in the right, most proven-powerful, scientifically-determined quantities – to create the ultimate workout generator.

We've got citrulline malate, which helps with strength, getting more reps at a higher weight and with stimulating your hormones and getting a ‘pump’.

We've got beta-alanine in a whopping 5-gram dose, to boost up your power and endurance.

We've then got caffeine, which increases energy availability, makes you more alert, and also decreases how tired you feel.

We've got taurine then added onto that as a super-powerful energy booster.

And then to round everything off, we've got L-tyrosine – the ‘military’s’ secret for lowering stress, increasing focus, and boosting mental performance as you’re working out.

The result: YOU turn into a raging (good!) psycho who will basically obliterate the gym and leave nothing left in your path.

You will be smashing the weights up like an out-of-control gorilla that's gone berserk, and have such intensity in the workout that you can't help but grow huge slabs of fresh, new eye-popping muscle!

As I said in the beginning, this is all about intensity and having the best muscle-throbbing, body-PUMPING workout of your life!.

You’re about to get greater drive, energy and strength and that will translate into much better muscle growth.

You’ll ‘break down’ more muscle, ensuring it grows back much bigger than before – popping right out through your clothes.

You can literally start seeing the results with just one single dose of Psycho Time.

In fact – will you do me a favour?

When you get your own personal supply of Psycho Time, literally just try it the next time you go to the gym. I KNOW that you’ll feel the difference right away – and that then you’ll never look back!

I guarantee you'll probably have the best workout of your life!

Okay, so what's the cost for Psycho Time?

Now, bear in mind this isn't a cheapo supplement. Because unlike a lot of others currently on the market…we're not including minuscule amounts of the ingredients. We've included the OPTIMUM amount - so it's safe, but it still gives you the best possible pumping workout your body can muster.

So the price for one tub (300g), which is enough for 20 workouts, is just £19.95.

If you go to the gym three times a week – this will last you almost two months. And that’s IF you use it every time you workout. (And remember that you don't have to take it every time you go for a workout - in fact, it may be better to use it on your 'big' and most important workout days).

For example, perhaps on ‘leg’ day you want a really intense workout – so just use it then. Or maybe on ‘chest’ day…you will want the best chest workout you’ve ever heard…so you’ll use it then. The point is you don't have to use every single time you hit the weights.

So this 300g will last you a decent while. And to me, £20 quid is peanuts compared to the possible gains you’ll get from using this product.

STOP PRESS! Use DISCOUNT CODE '5' when you checkout to get £5 OFF!

(This brings your price down to less than £15 notes!).

I mean, why waste so much time in the gym just going through the motions like so many other gym monkeys…without actually getting the best possible results? For less than £20 you can ensure pretty much you're going to get the best possible results that literally create street-stopping results.

How to take it?

As it comes in powder form, it’s best to take it around 30-45 minutes before you workout. As you should be supplementing with a protein shake before you workout, you can simply ‘throw in’ the powder to your whey protein shake before your workout.

Bingo…you’re ready to rock and roll – Psycho style!

Alternatively you can just take it with water (it doesn’t taste great, but you only need a small scoop of 15g – and we’re including the correct scoop in with the tub).

Order today! Get ready for Psycho Time! And get ready for better results, more muscle and the best workouts of your life!

Simply hit the 'Buy Now on' BIG RED button below, and you can order on Order today!

Use DISCOUNT CODE '5' when you checkout to get £5 OFF!




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