AlphaBlue - Ultimate Male Support - Special Offer!

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AlphaBlue - Ultimate Male Support - Special Offer!

    The Ultimate 'Blue' Capsule for men looking to spice things up - and it's only FREE today - just pay £1.95 for postage!

    Read on and discover WHY we are making this free offer...and why this blue pill is one that's really worth investigating for yourself...

    Read on for the full details!

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The Ultimate 'Blue' Capsule for men looking to spice things up - and it's only FREE today - just pay £1.95 for postage!

Read on and discover WHY we are making this free offer...and why this blue pill is one that's really worth investigating for yourself...

Read on for the full details!

“The Secret Formula To Make Her Scream All Night…And Be Begging You For More!”

Amazing Offer - Just Pay £1.95 Postage To Claim Your FREE pack!

If you’ve made it to this page, I’m guessing you’re sick and tired of hyped-up sex pills that are made from cheap Chinese ingredients that don’t work very well!

But here’s the thing…

If you’ve made it here, it’s pretty safe to say that you also want SOMETHING to improve your overall performance. Right? Well…you’re about to discover a breakthrough new formula that can give YOU and HER…the best rides of your lives!

Introducing – AlphaBlue!

Simply put, we set out to create the perfect man-boosting pill.

We searched. And we RE-searched. But we couldn’t find much at all that really works to demonise your bedroom performance…

But amongst the trash and hype, we find some true ‘gold dust’ like ingredients…ingredients that in some cases have been used for hundreds of years by men wanting to be DEMONS in the sack.

And here’s the good news about these ‘ingredients’…

You see, we’ve combined them all together into this ULTIMATE FORMULA here today!

Chances are, most people will NOT have heard much about these ‘ingredients’. So we’ll outline them here in detail – and then you can make up your own mind…

First up: DL-Phenylalanine – a potent supplement that one online user described as giving him “whole sexual experience became more intense.”

It’s thought DL-Phenylalanine helps boost dopamine levels in the brain – that’s the stuff responsible for reward and pleasure – hence the heightening of your sexual experience.

It’s also a mood-booster and perfectly safe amino acid that your body uses and can help with focus.

OK – next ingredients…

Up next, we’ve added pharmaceutical grade L-Arginine to the mix. In case you don’t know, L-Arginine is typically used by bodybuilders to ‘open up’ the blood vessels, allowing the blood to PUMP more easily.

And we all know what that means! L-Arginine users feel the blood pumping – which is KEY to a more fulfilling sex life.

We sourced some of the most potent L-Arginine out there from a World-leading manufacturer. This stuff is STRONG ‘pharma-grade’ stuff and is included here in a HIGH quantity to make sure you really FEEL it!

There’s still more…

We also added Guarana.

In Brazil, Guarana is an herb which is a key component in ‘Super Sex Drinks’. These drinks contain guarana and other ingredients and are used as aphrodisiacs.

And by the way Guarana also contains CAFFEINE. Yes, we all know it – but there’s no doubt that a decent dose of caffeine can enhance your ‘mental game’ and help you go for longer.

And finally…

The finalingredient we’ve included in AlphaBlue is something called Maca

Now, you may have heard of maca already. It is a well-known Peruvian herb and sex-drive booster (and an extremely nutritious super-food).

Research done on maca has shown it boosts sex drive and performance. And there’s even research showing it increases sex-drive specifically in sports-men (as well as improving overall sports performance).

For example: a study done on cyclists found an increase in sex-drive, as well as increased performance on a cycling time trial. (source 1).

But we didn’t just include ‘ordinary’ Maca.

We include 4:1 Maca – that means it’s maca x4 the usual strength! Ideal for an energy and libido boost!

Hopefully you can see what we’ve done here…

We’ve added DL-Phenylalanine, then L-Arginine to get the blood pumping and flowing like a gusher.

And THEN we’ve topped it all off with guarana with caffeine to help you go for even longer – and added some Maca (at four times the usual strength) to really bring the damn house down!

Here’s the thing…

As far as we know, there is NO other product with this powerful combination. What’s more, the ingredients are TOP notch and the dosage is HIGH – to give you the best possible chance of really feeling the effects!

IMPORTANT: If you are currently taking ANY medication (for any condition), consult your doctor BEFORE taking this pill.

You should also ‘dose test’ it first; take a small dose to see how you react. And do NOT exceed the stated dose.

So what’s the price?

Usually, the price is £19.95 for a box of 96 capsules.

But today - it's FREE! You ONLY pay £1.95 for postage and packing - with ZERO recurring or 'added' charges!


Simply put, we are looking for people to review the give us their honest opinion!

As such, you can get a sample pack of 48 capsules (that's half the size of the usual full size pack) - for FREE!

THERE ARE NO CHARGES other than the £1.95 for postage - NOW OR EVER!

But we ask for NOTHING except postage because we want you to REVIEW the AlphaBlue pill for yourself!

Tell us what you think of AlphaBlue! Once we get a selection of good reviews, THEN we can start charging for the product!

But as the product is NEW...we want people to tell us how they find it!

That's why we're offering a 48-pack today for a measly £1.95 in postage...

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