The Cannabis CBD Oil Health Phenomenon Is Here - But How Does CBD Oil Really Work?

You've probably heard about it in the news, read about it online, or even seen it on the TV or radio...

CBD Oil. It's a global phenomenon. But what's the truth - does it work, and can anyone really benefit from it?

Firstly - let's be clear here. CBD oil is not psychoactive cannabis. Proper CBD Oil does NOT get you 'high'.

Why not?

That's because the THC (that's the ingredient that gets you high) is almost completely removed from CBD oil. Only trace amounts remain.

So...CBD oil won't get you high.

What CBD oil cannabis without the high. That means you still get all the important nutrients from the cannabis plant - but without the high feeling.

So What's IN CBD oil?

Cannabis is made up of a secretly potent fraction called cannabinoids. These are the special nutrients which are thought to be responsible for its stress-busting and pain-relieving effects.

True CBD oil is chock full of these 'cannabinoids', which more and more studies show promote better physical and mental health. These nutrients are the real magic behind CBD Oil!

But does CBD Oil really work?

The presitigous World Health Organization recently wrote a report about CBD Oil. And whilst everyone is different, many people are waking up to CBD's potential to help improve their lives in many different ways. 

The best part is that CBD Oil is now gradually becoming available in the UK. Specialist retailers are beginning to stock CBD Oil in response to overwhelming customer demand.

As long as there is no THC in the oil (the material that gets you high), CBD oil is now 100% legal to buy as a 'food supplement'.

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