7 Simple Whey Protein ‘Tricks’
To Help You Build More Muscle
and Lose More Fat

And pretty much anyone can use them...
by The Infamous 'Hannibal Krueger', PsychoProtein.com
If you’ve made it to this page, you’ve probably heard of
whey protein for building muscle and helping you lose weight – and you might be taking it.

But what are the simple secrets for using it to IMPROVE the results you get from it?

Well, as good as whey protein is – there ARE things you can
do to improve the results you get with it…whether you’re looking to build muscle mass, or whether you’re looking to trim down.

Here at PsychoProtein.com, we offer lots mad-good products to help you improve you results. But first, let’s look at how to improve your results with whey protein:

  • 1) Understand protein SPEEDS!
Not many people realise that proteins have different ‘speeds’. In short, they are absorbed at different rates, which may affect the results you get. For example, whey protein is QUICKLY absorbed by your body.

But a protein like pure milk protein concentrate is more SLOWLY absorbed. This means you might want to mix things up a bit.

If you’re taking protein in the morning, and won’t supplement it again until you go to the gym later, take a slower protein (like milk protein). Because this is more slowly released, it will last you throughout the day. Whey, on the other hand, is quickly absorbed, so is best taken after a workout. Which brings us onto our second point…

  • 2) Take your protein shakes immediately AFTER your workout.

  • Whey is best used AFTER you’ve finished your workouts. The reason is simple: your body’s muscles have been laid to waste, and they need the nutrients from the protein to repair, recover and GROW! Far better to take your protein shake after the workout, when your body is primed and ready, than early in the morning if you’re going to work out later in the day. Take it when your body really needs it!

  • 3) Supplement with BCAAs

What makes whey protein effective? Surprisingly, it’s NOT the protein itself – it’s something called the ‘amino acids’ in the protein. Here at PsychoProtein, we’ve got some amazing flavours for our ‘branched-chain-amino-acids’ – specially designed for growing new muscle!

4) Use with high calorie foods IF you are looking to build muscle. If you’re looking to really stack on muscle, then take whey on its own may not be enough.

You need to make sure you’re eating ENOUGH.

Many people simply take whey, without tracking how many calories they are taking. If you want to lose weight, you track your calories, right? Yet few people realise that to GAIN muscle, you also want to track your calories. You need to eat more
than you usually do! Use an online calorie counter to make sure you eat 500-1,000 more calories than you usually do. Consider our ‘Ultimate Muscle Mass’ package if you want to cover all bases here.

5) Use LOW calories, ‘slow-release’ foods if you’re
looking to tone up!

6) Consider mixing your whey with other protein types of varying speeds.

Whey on its own is great. But remember what we said earlier about protein SPEEDS? It’s possible you could improve your results by taking a blend of whey, vegetable and milk proteins – all in one protein shake. This way, you get the fast-acting whey, the slower-acting vegetable protein, and finally the
super-slow milk protein.

Three speeds…to cover all bases.

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