A Special Report: The #1 Secret Of Why You're Not Gaining As Much Muscle As You Want...

 By PsychoProtein.com

Not gaining as MUCH muscle as you really want?


Then Read This...


If you're like most men we talk to, then maybe you struggle to put on muscle.

But the chances are you’re NOT doing this one simple thing.

What is it? Simple…

 You are not eating enough of the RIGHT calories...

Fact is, to gain muscle you must track and INCREASE your calorie intake.

Many guys who are trying to build muscle completely miss this point.

They are so obsessed with what to eat (and when) that they forget this simple fact: to build muscle, you really need to increase your calories.

What's more, the kind of calories you eat - if you want to build muscle and drop weight - must of the right kind.

Specifically - quality, low glycemic-index carbs...plus a high-quality (and complete) protein that's loaded with amino acids.

Keep your carbs on the brown side - and avoid those that will spike your blood sugar (such as white rice and white bread).

Here's what the research shows:

A study from the US sought to research just this topic (1).

They tested 75 people to review the effect of how gaining muscle mass was reliant on calories…

Their findings were exciting. The study looked into gym goers. This group of members increased both their body mass and their fat free mass.

The two most important factors? The amount of protein consumed, and calorie intake. These two factors had the largest effect on body make up.

That's where this bucket comes in...

This 'All In One' gainer product is ideal for men 30+ who want to get bigger and stronger. It's desgined to build quality mass whilst giving you the RIGHT kind of calories for great body composition.

It's loaded with low GI carbs, plus high-quality (complete) proteins...and it's also stacked with creatine, added amino acids, and glutamine to aid with your recovery.

If there's a perfect supplement for men 30+ who want to gain quality mass - this could be it!

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(1)Effects of high-calorie supplements on body composition and muscular strength following resistance training Rozenek, R; Ward, P; Long, S; Garhammer, J. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 42.3 (Sep 2002): 340-7.