Psycho's 85% Milk Protein Concentrate


Psycho's 85% Milk Protein Concentrate

    100% Milk Protein Concentrate...with a HUGE 85% protein content!

    Milk Protein is more slowly-digesting than our 'normal' whey, so is often taken before bed.

    Read on and see what you think...

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100% Milk Protein Concentrate...with a HUGE 85% protein content!

Milk Protein is more slowly-digesting than our 'normal' whey, so is often taken before bed.

Read on and see what you think...

Psycho's 'Slooow-Release' Pure Milk Protein Concentrate - with a whopping 85% Protein!

If you’re looking for a  great value Milk Protein Concentrate with a whopping 85% protein – which is manufactured in a low-processed state to retain as much goodness as possible (more about this in a moment) – you made it to the right place!

Psycho’s Milk Protein Concentrate 85 has been sourced from one of the Australia’s premier dairies. And we believe it's arguably the BEST Milk Protein you'll find anywhere else onlnie...

But before we explain more - WHY 'Milk Protein'.

Well, milk protein is known as being a slower-release protein. Once you take it, it slowly digests in your stomach (it's much slower acting than WHEY). This means it gradually 'force-feeds' your muscles powerful growth factors throughout your day...(typically it may 'release' protein over a 7-hour period).

This also makes it IDEAL for taking at night. This way you can be sure your muscles are being 'fed' as you sleep!

It has an excellent amino acid profile and balance – giving you all the ‘growth hormones’ needed to increase muscle growth and aid with repair after workouts – and comes with a whopping 85% protein per serving!

That means for each 30g serving, you can expect 25.5 grams of pure milk protein.

How is Psycho's MPC 85 made and sourced?

It’s sourced from Australia. No cheap Chinese stuff here.

And it's manufactured from fresh ultrafiltrated skimmed milk. The product is processed with low heat to maintain a high nutritional value – ensuring the proteins are retained in as much of a ‘natural’ state as possible. This makes the product close to milk in its profile – but with a very high protein content to create muscle growth.

Here's what else you need to know:

-  Contains micellar casein – a slow-release protein that your body digests more slowly. The benefit? It ensures a long-lasting ‘drip feed’ to your muscles, keeping them fed with muscle-promoting and fat-burning proteins all day long! (Well – to be precise micellar casein seems to work for around 7 hours after you take it).

 - ALSO contains WHEY protein – a faster-acting protein that’s ideal for a ‘quick hit’ of protein to feed the muscles when you’ve had a workout. I’m sure you know the benefits of whey already!

Our Milk Protein Concentrate contains 80% micellar casein and 20% whey – ideal for promoting your gains throughout the day!

And...Oh YES....less than 0.6g of fat and only 1.5g of carbs per 30 serving!

Psycho’s MPC is also extremely low in fat (only 0.6grams per serving!) and has only 1.5g of carbs per serving as well!

Ideal for those looking to make LEAN GAINS!

So what’s the price?

Just £17.99 per KG. We also do TWO flavours in addition to the unflavoured – both are ‘milkshake good’!

Simply choose your selection and flavour from the box above...and you're on your way!

Our Creatine Monohydrate is the same stuff the ‘big boys’ will sell you. Only we offer it for a lot less money! Why? We don’t have their fancy brand-name, fancy packaging and outrageous marketing budget. We’re focused online, and focused on running a low-priced, tight-fisted yet good-value operation.

And we price LOW - and that's just one reason they call us - because our prices are frankly MAD!

So today you can snap up for what we believe must be the lowest price online for Creatine Monohydrate – just £9.99 a Kilo! You can also choose 500 grams if you prefer - or why not save BIG and go for 2KG at £18.99?

This is 100% PURE Creatine Monohydrate.

NO filler. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. And at the BEST price you'll find online!

Hit the red ‘Add to Cart’ button at the top of this page and get yours today. While it lasts at this great price!




Hannibal Kruger's (Head Psycho) Recommendation on What DOSAGE To Use:

Our Head Psycho ('Hannibal Kruger') recommends 30g of Psycho's Milk Protein Concentratebefore bed, and first thing in the morning. Each 30g serving provides a HUGE 25.5 grams of pure, quality, high-grade milk protein!


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This products contains:

100% Milk Protein Concentrate - with nothing added and nothing taken away.