Psycho's Lazy Guy's Quick Muscle Mass Gainer

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Psycho's Lazy Guy's Quick Muscle Mass Gainer

    Want to pack on QUALITY muscle and size - without the fuss and hassle? Pushed for time and don't know if you can get enough calories and nutrients each day? Relax. And exhale...

    Here at PsychoProtein - we've got the ultimate solution. You are about to discover how to get an EXTRA 1,575 calories PER DAY using our gainer - and at a price that leaves our expensive 'branded' competition choking on our dust!

    Read on!

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Want to pack on QUALITY muscle and size - without the fuss and hassle? Pushed for time and don't know if you can get enough calories and nutrients each day? Relax. And exhale...

Here at PsychoProtein - we've got the ultimate solution. You are about to discover how to get an EXTRA 1,575 calories PER DAY using our gainer - and at a price that leaves our expensive 'branded' competition choking on our dust!

Read on!

How To Add Stacks of QUALITY Muscle To Your Frame - Even If You're a 'Hard-Gainer' Who Struggles To Put On Size...



Before we go any further here today - check out the 'note'  (above) we got from a customer of ours who's already 'experienced' this product for himself.

So let's get down to it: the secret to packing on more size and muscle is very, very simple: more calories!

That's all there is to it! Fact is, if you increase the amount of calories you eat each and every day - you WILL put on mass. And if you're training, you can turn that into massive muscle.

But you MUST eat ENOUGH calories!

But before we talk about that, let's discuss the big PROBLEM with so many 'mass gainer' supplements out there today.

An industry built on CONFUSION...

Finding a good mass gainer these days is a confusing business. Did you notice?

Just reading the ingredients list will make you feel like you need a chemistry degree - and that's IF you can even tell what the ingredients actually are! And forget about working out what amounts of each ingredient are in each spoonful that you take...

Psycho's Lazy Guy's Muscle Mass Gainer was designed with one simple goal in mind: to give YOU a quality mass gainer and to make it simple, straightforward and effective. No flash ingredients. No herbs from Africa. No filler from China.

Just quality ingredients - explained in full - which ACTUALLY WORK to increase your muscle size, mass and strength - and all at an incredibly affordable price!

We've kept it all super SIMPLE.

Just honest-to-goodness 'real man' ingredients which actually WORK like crazy to add serious mass to your frame. I'm talking the kind of mass which makes people notice you're 'training' - notice that you're becoming more and more henched.


It's ideal for YOU if you're looking to build quality mass and size - quickly...

It's ideal if you struggle to add size....

Or if you're just looking to add some bulk. And best of all: We've designed it for the 'Lazy Guy' (hence the name) who doesn't have TIME to cook six meals a day - but who still wants outlandish results you can SEE!

It's just far easier to get your required calories from the quality ingredients we've stuffed intoPsycho's Lazy Guy's Muscle Mass Gainer.

But before we explain any further - let me ask you: what's the KEY to building muscle and size? To putting on huge slabs of quality muscle?

It can be summarised in a simple two-word phrase that we mentioned earlier:


It's as simple as that. To gain weight, you need to eat more calories. If you don't, you're wasting your time. ALL the 'big guys' wolf down a lot of calories.

So, to gain mass, eat more calories.

The key is eating the right calories. It's no good eating more calories if that comes in the form of doughnuts and crisps. You want quality calories from 'proven powerful' food stuffs.

That's why Psycho's Lazy Guy's Muscle Mass Gainer is so powerful...

You see, we have LOADED our mass gainer with quality ingredients, ensuring it's absolutely stacked full of give you the outlandish size gains you really want.

So let me tell you the 'simple-but-proven-powerful' ingredients in our Lazy Guy's Muscle Mass Gainer...


This 'one-two' punch is what will add substantial hunks of quality muscle onto your frame.

So up first we have quality oats and dextrose - a slow-release carbohydrate, riding along with a fast-acting carbohydrate.

Oats have been used since day dot to build muscle and add size.

They flat out WORK. They are easy-to-digest and give a 'slow-release' of energy and fuel. They also taste damn good (at least ours do).

Dextrose is a fast-acting carb that rides right along with the give you a 'fast-and-slow' combo of powerful calorie-rich carbs.


We use two sources - our legendary Psycho's High-Grade Whey Protein Concentrate (from one of the World's leading dairy producers), and a vegetable protein. There are two benefits to doing this. Firstly, you get a better range of amino acids.

Secondly, there are some benefits to MIXING protein types.

In fact...research by Solae, inc, revealed that mixing whey, casein and soy (post-workout) can help protein muscle growth.

That's why this mass gainer contains TWO types of protein to cover all bases and to ensure you get you the maximum 'bang for your buck'.

So - as you can see - you're getting a quality carbohydrate mix. That's solid.

And then you're getting a quality protein mix as well.

The result is as potent a mass gainer as you'll find anywhere - and at a price that will make our competitors squeal for their 'mommas'.

ZERO Added 'FLUFF'...

And here's something we have NOT added: like many others, we've not added 'junk' extra ingredients. Some companies add 'vitamin' blends and such like - but assuming you're still eating, you don't need added vitamins in your diet. All the 'added' stuff other companies use is really just filler to justify their higher prices.

I don't know about you - but I hate 'FILLER'. Just give us the meat. And that's exactly what you get with Psycho's Lazy Guy's Muscle Mass Gainer.

Here's a breakdown of everything you get!


Yes...take three servings per day with whole milk - and that's an incredible EXTRA 1,575 calories per day!

That's HUGE! There's simply no way you can't stack on serious size and mass with this kind of intake - especially given the natural, quality ingredients we use for every single batch ofPsycho's Lazy Guy's Mass Gainer!

What about TASTE? A word on our FLAVOURS...

Look - you want this stuff to taste good, right?

Well, that's why we used some of the UK's top flavour technologists to develop our flavours. 'Standard' flavours weren't good enough. You see, we wanted our flavours to be......'MILKSHAKE' GOOD!

And by golly - they are! You'll love slurping down a Psycho-Diet Whey Shake! And you'll be in love with our Bonkers Banana flavour...or our Vicious Vanilla...our Crazy-Good Chocolate Cream, or our Slasher Strawberry cream. They all taste superb and will leave you clamouring for more-more-more!

NEW! Just added! Two new flavours - Chocolate Mint, and Cookies and Cream - two NEW super-tasting flavours. These are now available using the drop-down box at the top of this page.

Mixes easily too – just mix and drink! get a potent combination of ingredients, which work together 'synergistically' to create outlandish gains - WITHOUT the 'fluff' - and at a price that will rock your World.

Nope - it's not expensive...

You know us here at - our products are priced 'mad-low'. And quite frankly, we like to make our competition SQUEAL like the pathetic little piglets that they are!

So forget about plunging £60 of your hard-earned cash into the latest 'fad' gainer. Instead, getThe Lazy Guy's Quick Mass Gainer...for less.

In line with our 'psycho' style prices - you'll pay just £24.99 for this HUGE 4KG package! Or, go for 8KG for £42.99 and save BIG TIME!

Just choose from the drop-down box above.

That's, what? Just £5 a KG if you opt for the 8KG option!

That's TRULY mad, psycho-like pricing!

Once you get this gainer working for you - you'll start getting results you can notice in the mirror...

Don't be surprised if your shirts start to get tighter. And don't be surprised if other people start noticing you're 'bulking up'. That's what happens when you use a quality mass-gainer like this.

And it has to be said: but both men AND women respect a 'big guy'. Men FEAR him...and women swoon over him.

And like it or not, when 'The Big Guy' enters a room...people stop...and take notice. He commands RESPECT. He's 'Da Man'.

If YOU want to be 'The Big Guy' - you need to start with this.

We think you'l LIKE the results you get!

Hannibal Kruger's (Head Psycho) Recommendation on What DOSAGE To Use:

Our Head Psycho ('Hannibal Kruger') recommends 2-3 servings per day. Each serving should be 100grams, mixed with 500ml of water or milk. 

That means (with whole milk) you get a HUGE 704 calories per serving!


Complete Ingredient List For This Product:

This products contains: 

Ground Oats, Psycho's Whey Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Soy Protein Isolate), Dextrose, Xantham Gum [Flavoured types only: Flavouring (with sucralose)] - with nothing else.