Psycho's 81% Whey Protein Anabolic Blend


Psycho's 81% Whey Protein Anabolic Blend

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Create Anabolic Muscle Growth With This MASSIVE 81% Pure Protein Shake - At A Fraction Of The Price of Over-priced 'High Street' Brands!

Now in Five 'Milkshake Good' Flavours - Keep Reading For The Full Details!

Forget over-priced high-street brands that are willing to blow £100K on a TV advert to help themselves to YOUR hard-earned wages for their over-priced protein products!

You see, they call us 'Psycho' Protein for a reason!

Because we like to price low!

And quite frankly, we like to PIS* OFF our competition! If that sounds good to you, then you made it here just it time for our SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER...

Yes - to launch the PsychoProtein brand online, we're offering up an incredible deal on our latest and greatest 81% Protein Product. It contains a WHOPPING 81% of a pure protein blend. That means for each 30 gram serving, you get a HUGE 24.5 grams of PURE high-quality protein!

And that's STACKED full of muscle-building and fat-burning amino acids. In fact, check out the full Certified Datasheet below!

Just 114.6 calories per 30gram serving.

A HUGE 24.5g of protein per 30 gram serving!

And LESS than 1gram of carbs (and less than 1gram of fat) per serving!

These are superb 'muscle-building-and-fat-burning-numbers' that are easily comparable to TOP brands that cost two or three times the price...if not more!

Check it out:

 How it's Made:

We use a premier Whey Protein Concentrate supplier to source our whey. We insist on the highest quality, ultra-filtrated from sweet cheese whey...purified down to its greatest muscle-building essence.

Fact is, it takes a massive 35KG of sweet cheese whey to actually produce the whey that goes into this blend! Such is the purity of protein and concentration we insist on – and it’s worth it to get this highly-concentrated protein that cantransform your body and let you wreak havoc in the gym.

We formulate this whey and blend it with a vegetable protein (soy) to increase the protein content and reduce the carb content...and to give you a more complete amino acid profile.

The result is a low-cost protein that's purely STACKED with powerful, muscle-building aminos that can help you wreak psycho-like havoc in the gym. And all at unbeatable price!

Don't be surprised if this protein blend creates ANABOLIC muscle growth!

Fact is, this protein has a whopping 81% protein - to be precise, 81.66% PURE PROTEIN. That means each serving of 30 grams gives you 24 grams (actually 24.5g) of PURE PROTEIN to help you EXPLODE in size and strength!

OK, all this might sound good...but one question remains...

How much?

Well, here at PsychoProtein we insist on pricing low, in a truly 'mad' and psycho-like fashion.

So, in line with this thinking and because this is a special 'launch offer' online - your price is just £29.99 for 4KG of our Whey Protein 81% - and that's with FREE shipping!

That's what? LESS than £8 per KG! Try to find that from anywhere else on the high street - or anywhere else online for that matter for this kind of quality!

Alternatively, you can choose 2 KG or 1 KG using the drop-down box above (but remember - the more you buy, the more you save!)

What about flavours? Don't worry because this protein tastes great too...

A word on our FLAVOURS...

We used some of the UK's top flavour technologists to develop our flavours. 'Standard' flavours weren't good enough. You see, we wanted our flavours to be...


 And by golly - they are! You'll love slurping down a Psycho-Whey-Anabolic Shake! And you'll be in love with our Crazy-Good Chocolate Cream flavour...our Bonkers-Good Banana flavour...or our French Vanilla...or our Slasher Strawberry cream. They all taste superb and will leave you clamouring for more-more-more!

NEW! Just added! Two new flavours - Chocolate Mint, and Cookies and Cream - two NEW super-tasting flavours. These are now available using the drop-down box at the top of this page.

So not only are you getting a MASSIVE 81% pure protein here, but you're also getting a great taste that will make you LOOK FORWARD to drinking this each day!

In fact...don't be surprised if you're working out just so you can get another of our whey shakes!


Hannibal Kruger's (Head Psycho) Recommendation on What DOSAGE To Use:



Our Head Psycho ('Hannibal Kruger') recommends 2-3 servings per day. Each serving should be 25-30 grams.With each 30 gram serving, you get at least 24 grams of PURE PROTEIN (24.5g to be exact!).

Take 3 servings per day - and that's a whopping 73.5 grams of PURE PROTEIN per day! Take 2 servings per day for 49 grams of PURE PROTEIN per day!

Complete Ingredient List For This Product: Whey Protein Concentrate, Soy Protein Isolate, [Flavoured varieties only: Flavouring (with succralose)] - with nothing else.